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Jo Paul Bedroom Strain by SilvanusArt
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Jo Paul Bedroom Strain :iconsilvanusart:SilvanusArt 223 7
In Bed with Spring by ropemarks
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In Bed with Spring by ropemarks
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shibari by NatureEro
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Rubber kinbaku kitten - video preview by ropemarks
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Deadlysin - Part 1 of 2 by ropemarks
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Deadlysin - Part 1 of 2 by ropemarks
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Floating in the Pool - video (preview) by ropemarks
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Tanuki - torturing DutchDame by ropemarks
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The Iron Queens alternative way of giving birth by ropemarks
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Tanuki - torturing DutchDame by ropemarks
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RopeMarks blacklight installation @ Wasteland 20 y by ropemarks
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RopeMarks blacklight installation @ Wasteland 20 y :iconropemarks:ropemarks 55 3
RopeMarks blacklight installation @ Wasteland 20 y by ropemarks
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RopeMarks blacklight installation @ Wasteland 20 y :iconropemarks:ropemarks 137 5




Welcome to BeautifulBondage
As much as my photographic passion is for the Artistic Nudes, I'm best known for my Bondage work, specifically Rope Bondage.
My bondage work lives at & this group was created to feature the best Bondage work on dA.

:bulletred: A community for Photographers, Models & Riggers of Rope Bondage
:bulletred: Membership is also open to Fans
:bulletred: Members may make 7 submissions per week (contributors 5 per day)
:bulletred: Primarily I will allow high quality artistic photography or high quality rope bondage
:bulletred: Secondarily I will allow high quality artistic photography or other bondage work
:bulletred: Also secondarily I will allow any level of photography and high quality other artistic media of high quality rope bondage
:bulletred: If you're unsure, feel free to submit anyway, if you're repeatedly not accepted either contact me to ask why or take the hint, while I don't want to be elitist I do want to focus on high quality work, for the pleasure and inspiration of others

:bulletblack: Active members are eligible for a discount on ropes and kits from contact >

Take a moment to check-out my other groups:
:iconderelict-nudes: :iconuk-models-and-photog:
I have been very busy and not uploading much of my work to dA for a while so I am very pleased to see that this and my derelict nudes group have been getting regular submissions.
I have mainly been working on a trilogy of books, the first is 'Boobs in Bondage' and many of the photos can be/will be/ have been uploaded here already, this was a photographic study specifically on breast bondage, it's the type of bondage I find I do most often and I have always tried to do something a little different every time, so I felt there was scope for a book study of that, it's not a how-to but it is certainly a source of ideas for people who like to tie -…

Whilst working on this I realised how little variety there was with male bondage and of that there is almost no male genital bondage, despite it being a hugely popular practice, so taking the policy of working with a wide range of people and coming up with creative variations of ties and applied it to the gentlemens toolbox, and Boys in Bondage because the second and more challenging in the series, due to the fact it's a lot of photos of willies I don't expect dA will be happy with me uploading them, so to see them you'll either have to get the book or join FetLife where my gallery hosts a number of examples, here is a link for the book…

So what is the final part of the trilogy? when working on the second book I was really enjoying the challenge of coming up with different ties for cocks and balls I was working with, surely you run out of ideas fast right? there is the challenge, so i decided to go full-circle and come back to women for the most challenging of the three, Female Genital Bondage, yep, there is even less variety there surely? most of the work is proving to be varieties of crotchropes, some designs work well practically but I felt didn't photograph well so I am sticking to aesthetic ties what have a practical application, then need to look good and in some way feel good, ties you would actually use just like the previous two. These photos I am sure would mostly not be allowed on here as some get explicit but I will upload what I can here and elsewhere and when the trilogy is complete it'll have a set of galleries on my website.
As this project is ongoing this is also an appeal for models, you don't need to have Modelling experience or Bondage experience (I often work with either and both), this can be done anonymously as the photos are all close-ups of the specific ties (but I can also tie the rest of you and create some general bondage photos that you can use yourself), I live in Cambridgeshire in central UK so if you can get to me I'll consider you! for aesthetic reasons I am preferring medium to slim build modes with minimal or no fur but variety is important in these projects.

I am also working on other non-bondage related photographic projects, primarily explicit erotica working mostly with couples (again, probably not going to be able to share that here either!) and I am shooting commissions as they come in within the genres I specialise (Art & Figure Nude, Erotic, Fetish, Bondage and BDSM).

Outside of photography my online rope shops on my website as well as eBay and Amazon are getting an overhaul, the prices are being updated and the kits and other general items reviewed, there has been no price increase for a couple of years or more and my costs have gone up steadily! so I need to catch-up.

I've also been teaching rope bondage more, there has been renewed interest from photographers both wanting to learn and wanting me to tie for their shoots with the whole Fifty Shades thing, I've also had a lot more regular people either wanting to learn bondage or wanting to experience it in safe hands, all work I enjoy doing greatly as it is a huge positive influence on these peoples lives, very rewarding.

Thats most of my relevant updates, I will be getting more organised and uploading to dA and this group as I shoot more material that will be allowed here, all part of getting more organised online again!

Any fans, photographers or riggers of rope bondage are welcome to join this group, I only accept Photography of Rope bondage and although I don't want to be elitist when it comes to rigging or photographic quality (we all started somewhere) I will reject photos where I see no real effort having been made, I want people watching this groups feed to be looking at Rope Bondage Photographs that have some thought in them instead of just snapshots of careless attempts. I will also decline any photos I feel portray potentially dangerous practices, ties or rope placement, thats not to say I don't appreciate the potential artistic merits of a noose around the neck, but I don't like the idea of someone being inspired to recreate what appears to be a full-suspension from a clit-hood piercing, in all cases common sense will be applied.

Also if anyone is learning and wants me to critique their ropework, I am always happy to help people who are learning, contact me directly through my dA profile or my websites.

Also a few answers to questions that I have been asked recently and often:
You don't have to be a photographer, rigger or 'model' to join, fans can join too.
It doesn't have to be artistic photography, just a reasonable photo of a reasonable effort with some rope on a body can be submitted.
Photos of both men and women are welcome.
Generally I only accept photos of bondage on live humans, I may accept exceptional ropework on mannequins or dolls or maybe other objects.
Cuffs don't count, this group is for Rope bondage.
I do sell rope and I so ship worldwide
I do teach, 1-2-1 not groups and I'm in the UK (though people do visit me from other countries, I very rarely travel).

Finally I did intend starting to do more interviews and features both here and on my website, this is stalled purely due to time, I've been both sick and busy, I will still get to it when I finish some current projects!

Thank you for reading! (this was written at 03:30 so I'll have to check later for any errors!)
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TheDarkPhoenixQueen Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm dying to find a Dom here!

I'm more on the vanilla side, but I adore bondage, rape and wolf or werewolf bestiality mainly. But if the latter is not your style, then bondage and mild rape will do perfectly. 
No harming, anal or denied orgasms please. They're the only major things I hate.

Themotherofsin Featured By Owner May 29, 2016
Hallo, ich suche einen Partner/ Partnerin für ein deutschsprachiges Roleplay, longtime relationship, nsfw und auschließlich 100% anon. Ich suche keinen real-life Kontakt, sondern "nur schreiben". Welcher Charakter, und ob Human oder Comic ist mir nicht so wichtig, hauptsache täglich und innig, einfach mal ausprobieren, ob's geht. Geht auch per E-Mail an, einfach anschreiben, und dann immer hin und her! Viele Grüße :) (Smile)

NostalgicAlien Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Does anyone want to RP? I'm a sub female looking for a dom male.

I do fandom and original rps. (Ask me about fandom's.)

I ALWAYS write in SCRIPT form. Feel free to roleplay the way you'd like though.

I'm usually very quick with replies.

I love VIOLENCE, CUSSING, ROMANCE/SEXUAL content and just overall DRAMA.

DRUG and ALCOHOL use is awesome.

I don't mind most fetishes, but I WILL NOT DO hardcore Vore, inflation/super fat or shrinking, sexual pregnancy, necrophilia, crazy muscle growth, animals, feet sex, baby sex, mind control, MPreg, farting or just shit or piss related.

I like BDSM. (Kinky bondage shit and masochism and sadism.)

I think slaveXmaster is rad.

I think doctorXnurse and doctorXpatient is rad.

I think teacherXstudent is rad.

I think prisonerXauthoritive figure is rad sometimes.

I'm cool with sex toys. I feel like they spice up a sex scene.

RAPE has happened in other rps I've done, so I'll say it's okay with me.

PEDOPHELIA has happened in other rps I've done, so I'll say it's okay with me.

INCEST is not preferred, but if you have a good enough idea for it, I'll consider it.

If animals are being played, I will only do anthro/humanoid versions of them. None of that furry/feral shit.

I don't do cannon characters or cannon plots in rps that I do. I might do fandom's, but I like to keep what I do inside the fandom's as original as possible.

I like having some sort of PLOT or OUTLINE, but most of the time it isn't needed if we both warm up to the roleplay really well. Like it kind of just goes where it goes. Also, there's a difference between having a simple plot and planning the entire roleplay out detail by detail. PLEASE DON'T ask for or expect a long, super detailed STORYLINE or something. You won't get it from me.

I'm really going to stress GOOD GRAMMAR and SPELLING, but if you mess up on accident, it's okay. CAPITALIZE things when they need to be capitalized. End of story. Please use PUNCTUATION. Seriously. It looks SO GODDAMN STUPID when people don't use any punctuation and have run on sentences... Also, don't spell things wrong/half-assed on purpose. Like "I luv u", just put " I love you". It's not that hard people!

PLEASE put DETAIL into what your saying. Don't just make your character respond to something like "Oh, I agree. *nods*" because that is a SHIT reply and isn't detailed or anything and I won't RP with people because of that. I mean, put at least a full sentence and a full action in there somewhere.

If anyone is interested, note me. <3
mirathomson Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
hello I'm looking for someone to do a bondage rp with!
MarkVarley Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Professional Photographer
Where are you? your profile doesn't list a location, if you mention your country at least it might help find someone.
mirathomson Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
livandkIeen Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015

We are two 19 year old female models doing sexy tied up escape challenges on bentbox ;) (Wink) visit our DA as well ;)
simeri-kinoko Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for putting me in your group.
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