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Jaguar by Baricka
Sunrise at Kallur by LinsenSchuss
A frosty morning by LawrenceCornellPhoto
Sheep with Shepherd by brijome
Blue Axolotl by SweetSign
Axolotl by Vitskog
La Cascade by 99-Revolutions
The bay by 99-Revolutions
Garrulus glandarius by albatros1
Graceful cranes by Yullapa
Swans in morning mist by Sara-Roth
Dinner is Ready by NicoFroehberg
Monstera Deliciosa by AmBr0
What a beautiful world . by katia-iva
Daily Deviations
Nature Right Around The Corner by RockingScorpion
Electra by MistanPhotography
Memories Fade by dashakern
Fiona by MistanPhotography
Geological Interest
Labradorit detail by shilaktit
Agate Slice cuff by songofabanshee
Scale 8: Reynisfjara Basalt+Visitor by Coigach
Travertine Terraces by wondrousbutstrange
Humanity in the Wilderness
Whitehorse Panorama by eegariM
Black Bog by joachim-hagen
lost by Nataschaa
dreaming by Luperkalia418
Golden orb weaver (ACEO) by Woodswallow
Nature's Halloween decorations :D by kayaksailor
What should I do? by emy-hobbies
Attacus atlas by KlaraDrielle
Untouched Route by eegariM
Grizzly River Valley Panorama by eegariM
Autumn Silence by NicoFroehberg
Early Bird's View by organicvision
Holodiscus discolor - Oceanspray, Ironwood by QuintessentialArts
2809173 by adriannazajac
2809174 by adriannazajac
2809177 by adriannazajac
November Rain by Yuukon
Marine Life
Micro nisch 4 with Litosiphon and peacock tail by shilaktit
mt12 by MK-NI
Floating by emy-hobbies
The autumn path by streamweb
Xmas sky 3 by shilaktit
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Weather Phenomena
Green-Blue Shades by Quit007
Woodland, Forests and Jungles
. . . by Alexey-Argentum

About Beautiful Wilderness

Welcome to Beautiful Wilderness

Beautiful Wilderness is a group for all who are passionate about wild and natural places, the animals that live in it and general conservation issues. Anyone can join, just click on the "Join this group" button.

Just a few guidelines

:bulletred: Photography (including infra-red and HDR), Traditional Art and Digital Art only. Photomanipulations are OK, provided they are relevant to the group and stock is credited to the original artists.

:bulletblue: Please submit only your best works.The staff will decline poor quality, unfinished or irrelevant pieces as we feel it is the interests of us all to have high quality art and photography in the group. :D

:bulletred: No anthro, tattoo/tribal designs, mythical, fantasy, hybrid characters, cartoons, fan art, abstracts etc are permitted in the galleries and will be declined.

:bulletblue: Admin reserve the right to remove inappropriate work and comments.

:bulletred: Three submissions per day.

:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct folders. If you don't see a relevant folder for your work, please note the group and we will consider adding a folder for you.

:bulletred: No domesticated animals. This means no pets or farmyard animals as they are not wild.

:bulletblue: Zoo and aquarium photography is accepted, however no pictures portraying mistreated or poorly kept zoo animals will be accepted. If cages and tanks are evident, it will also cause the piece to be declined. :)

:bulletred: The wilderness and nature are what this group is about. We have a humanity in the wilderness gallery folder, but even in this folder, please remember that the focus of your piece should be the natural world and the human touch only a small part of it. Art and photography featuring indigenous/ tribal people are also very welcome in the humanity in the wilderness folder. No full frontal nudity or injured people.

:bulletblue: No dying, injured or dead animals. No taxidermy either. This really isn't in the spirit of what the group is about.

:bulletred: I am admin of 3 groups so if you don't receive a comment explaining why your work has been declined etc please don't be offended. It will have been because the quality isn't what the group expects, is poorly presented or similar reason.

:bulletblue: Admin will move submissions to more suitable gallery folders if necessary.

:bulletred: No simple variations of the same deviation. In this case, Admin will select one and decline the rest.

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Our submission of the week is....

Mt. Mine by Bibwue  By :iconbibwue:

Please give this stunning deviation the attention it deserves and fave it if you haven't already :w00t:
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Orphydian Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
I think our groups have a certain affinity. Its focused on realistic art depicting majestic birds of prey Lets affiliate pls !

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Heavensinyoureyes Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2020  Hobbyist Photographer
Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter… WE HAVE ALL BEEN CHEATED AND LIED TO watch and share with everyone 
Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter… WE HAVE ALL BEEN CHEATED AND LIED TO watch and share with everyone 
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Another dead group :(
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