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Hey, sweets! I wish to get a Super Group and more points for future Contests; anything will make a difference! I have set up a point donation widget on my page to collect points to helps to get Super group!

All who donate will get a feature here in the group.

And, like always... We are looking for some contributers


-Must be active (We really need people who are going to be here most days of the week)
- Must have experience as a contributer or collector in other groups.
- Must be willing to follow any and all guidelines to accepting/declining work

If you are up to the challenge then please send a note to the group or to me.

Thanks to all :heart:; :iconlalivalmont:

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This group is about showcasing the many forms of photography regardless of popularity. We strive to show the best of the best base on skill. Thus finding the beauty in photography.
Founded 17 Years ago
Jan 28, 2007


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Art Collection

3,927 Members
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To Join you need to hit the button that says "Join this group"

To Submit you have to 1 be a member of this group and 2 you have to hit "contribute to gallery"

*Updated as of October 21 2011*

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Submitting Guidelines:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

:bulletblue: Members are allow to submit photos.
:bulletyellow: You may submit 1 photographs per week. Sunday being the begining of the week and Saturday being the end. Anymore then 1 submitted during this period will be declined.
:bulletblue: We accept photography from all levels. We do have guidelines which are listed below.
:bulletyellow: Please do not submit stock photography, we had let the go in the past but now we are making this a rule, week are an art photography group not a stock club. *Exception to this rule is that some artistic stock maybe accepted. It will be looked at and they will either be accepted or declined. This will be dealt with by the founder who is both a photographer and stock photographer.
:bulletblue: All submissions will be approved by any members of staff.
:bulletyellow: Please do not submit repeats of a photo the has the same subjects, one for a series is enough, we don't want to see the same of one particular subject.
:bulletblue: Please do not submit photomanipulations or any digital works. This also includes works that have had brushes used on them.
:bulletyellow: You now need three votes for the photo to be accepted
:bulletblue: We have changed the quality of what will be accepted. We will no longer be accepting snap shots or my space shots. Anything with extreme blur or too much grain won't be accepted. *Intentional blur, like bokeh or motion blurs will be accepted.
:bulletyellow: Photos must have some artistic value to it, which is why random snap shots are not going to be accepted. (Subject matter is a the difference between just a photo and an amazing photo.)
:buttetblue: Please submit you own work not someone elses. You can suggest someone elses work for a favorite, but please make sure the work you are submitting to the group is your own.
:bulletyellow: Post your creative and best works, don't post similar repeats. We want to see beautiful photos. That's what this group mainly judges on.

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Suggesting Favorites Guidelines:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

:bulletyellow: Members and Non - Members may suggest 2 favorites per day.
:bulletblue: You cannot suggest your work for a favorite it must be someone elses work.
:bulletyellow: If you suggest your own work it will be declined without reason.


Why was I declined Membership?
We don't often decline memberships, but if we see that you have no deviations we might decline it.

Why was my work declined?
This has been the hardest thing to do, declining work, this group strives to show the best of our members and for this we have certain guidelines. We don't put these in to be unfair or unjust, we are only trying to find the best work. We don' want to clog the gallery with works that may not be your best.
Also feel free to ask in the comment section of the work submitted box thingy if you think we have declined your by mistake.

What are these guidelines then?
We have a few things that we deem unacceptable for this group. We don't want to see things that are extremely comon, like nature don't be offened if we decline an average flower, we see many flowers submitted and some of them are just average shots, we want to see you put more into it take the flower and make it more like macro it, take from different angles, etc. We don't like seeing much of the same thing so try not to submit another photo from the same series of photos. We don't accept photos that are to blur (not from intentional blur) or photos that extreme noise (take from a low quailty camera or cellphone), we as asked that you don't submit random snapshots, this isn't a snapshot gallery this is an artsty one. We do accept staged photography but make sure it is artsy.

Do you accept gore and nudity?
This is a testy subject, I know many groups don't allow either, but our group does allow to a certain extent. We don't mind if you submit gore, but please don't submit hate work or racist. When in comes to nudity, we do accept some, we don't however accept pornographic works or works we feel are high unaccepted base on them be rather degrating.

Do you accept photomanipulations or mixed media?
No we don't! This is a photography club so digital works have no place here, there are many groups out there that deal with digital art so join them if you do photomanip not here.

Why has no one commented on why my work was declined?
The reason is mainly because the photos submit don't meet our guidelines, which you are meant to read before submitting, and the other reason is most of are not use to doing it cause we are still fairly new to this. That why this FAQ has been brought in. If you have read through here and still don't have an answer then only then ask us. We will try to answer the best we can but please don't get upset with us. We all have different standards of what we think is acceptable, and that is why we have a voting system of 3 votes.

I joined as a co-founder or contributer why was declined or just moved to member?
We aren't accepting co-founders. We have to decide on exeperience to see if you are acceptable to be a contributer. If you aren't deem as either then you are just going to be added as a member.

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Butterfly by kattiany
Tea time by kattiany
Hagia Sophia Interior by thesolitary
6. Break Away by QnSansNom
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LegsEmporium LegsShots111 by LegsEmporium LegsEmporium LegsShots111 :iconlegsemporium:LegsEmporium 25 2 r e b o r n II ~ by lalivalmont r e b o r n II ~ :iconlalivalmont:lalivalmont 25 0 r e b o r n ~ by lalivalmont r e b o r n ~ :iconlalivalmont:lalivalmont 23 2 red flowers. by lalivalmont red flowers. :iconlalivalmont:lalivalmont 20 2 o u t s i d e ~ by lalivalmont o u t s i d e ~ :iconlalivalmont:lalivalmont 6 1 Stuff...part. II by aurelianno1990 Stuff...part. II :iconaurelianno1990:aurelianno1990 1 0 Hear 'O' Gold by Commoncreatures Hear 'O' Gold :iconcommoncreatures:Commoncreatures 3 0 Now you're caught... by FedericaDN Now you're caught... :iconfedericadn:FedericaDN 171 31 And they say that a hero can save us. by Freyja90 And they say that a hero can save us. :iconfreyja90:Freyja90 423 20 Feelings by Freyja90 Feelings :iconfreyja90:Freyja90 53 5 Veronique by Louis8301 Veronique :iconlouis8301:Louis8301 16 3 Red Vampire by Elisanth Red Vampire :iconelisanth:Elisanth 504 71 Face the purple by Elisanth Face the purple :iconelisanth:Elisanth 355 44 Mr. Eagleman by uygaronder Mr. Eagleman :iconuygaronder:uygaronder 18 1 Pure... by LiubaInChina Pure... :iconliubainchina:LiubaInChina 21 0 Newest portrait by LiubaInChina Newest portrait :iconliubainchina:LiubaInChina 12 7






LegsEmporium LegsShots111 by LegsEmporium
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r e b o r n ~ by lalivalmont
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