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Love And Fae will Save the Day by SnowSultan
Happy New... Year ? by JohnFitzSquirrel
Ghostbusters 3dFanart by KomyFlyinc@ by KomyFly
Love Is Colorblind by shanarah
Comic Panel by PopularDuo
Corner Story by IndigoTea
Invitation by greendragon-gecko
unexpected visitor by greendragon-gecko
WoE: The way is shut by Edheldil3D
Lyta and Thoon by LukaSkullard
Oh look, a sandstorm by MoriMann
Alien vs. Demon by TheOtherThoreandan
Contemporary - normal life
Dita Post Break Up by AlleyKatArt
Happy Hippo by Edheldil3D
Easter Egg! by Edheldil3D
Net Nerds: What the hell is NFT? by Edheldil3D

Mature Content

Son of Gods by FyraNuanser

Mature Content

A shared experience ! by ElectricVentures

Mature Content

The Gatekeeper (18+) by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

No Kissing! by MoriMann
FanArt Sci-Fi
May-the4th2021 by Linwelly
2021 May the Fourth by ashleytinger
May the 4th be with you by greendragon-gecko
ready to fight by greendragon-gecko
Fanart Fantasy
Gate in the rain by greendragon-gecko
Auf Jack Sparrow By Komyflyinc@2021 by KomyFly
Dragon Age Inquisition - Research by shanarah
Astrid Nightelf by greendragon-gecko
Fanart modern contemporary
phumla ngamandla (Rest in Strength) by angela3d
Catwomen by greendragon-gecko
Harley Quinn by greendragon-gecko
Edheldil's Angels by Edheldil3D
Red cross Inn
I am on vacation thus don't freal out if no one accepts an image.
The group is not closed, I am just not there.
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Group rules

A home for your story based characters:
* finely created 3D & digitally painted characters are accepted
* finished artwork only, no work in progress, no render-snapshots
* please link your images with text related to your characters: text means - DA story texts, fragments/chapters, poems, links to existing ebooks/books, (web) comics or manga, name the role play rule book/environment (like shadowrun) - or the game, book, film to which your image belongs (okay everyone notices Star Wars Fanart ^^, but I don't know all the stuff out there).
* would be great to see a bit of the character world in the image as well

* nudity is allowed (adult)- but no random pin-ups, porn, dick pics, no children; it should stay tasteful- and if you only submit nudity or erotica, I will stop accepting them (if you submit 3 images nude/erotica in a row). Even in erotic stories at some point the characters do something else than running around naked. If you want only erotica/nudity - that is the wrong group for you. It is to show that 3D can be more!
* no violence

* no promo pictures for DAZ-Products - that's the wrong group for that folks. It's to show the characters & their stories

*jep, Admin will have a look at your page and may invite images and will also to get an impression what you create.






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I'm still working on my book, so some of the writing ideas are included.
I should join this group resultantly.
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