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Mature Content

Tasty by OdinVonD

Mature Content

Arta Vile Crusade 3 - Caden Trains Marek by Vyxes

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0 - Valkya - Elven Bounty Hunter by Angelblade69
I mage by nunchaku

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Mature Content

Mature Content

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Main Gallery
Deadly Vines' cover! by MyVoreShort

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Taiga Tales: This Can't Be a Coincidence 02-02 by Snapshotz3D

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commission for GABRIELAGOGONEA ! by voidmakerz

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commission for Akatsuki678! by voidmakerz
Bulletin Board
New Kaa comic on Gumroad and Patreon today by ipnozi
Updates to Patreon Tiers by sharktorok

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Invasive Species Alternate Edit NSFW by Javik98
COMIC SHEETS (UPDATED 2) by krlitosss

Please Read Before Submitting

This group is for monster erotica artists.

If you enjoy putting beautiful women with grotesque creatures in love or in struggle, you belong here.


Art and literary submissions must have at least one adult woman and one monster engaging one another for any reason.


:bulletred: Submissions that merely imply or link to acceptable content. The woman and the monster must be visible (or clearly described) in the submitted content.

:bulletred: Overly masculine women. Defined muscles are fine but, when the body frame is a male V-shape or the muscles are highly inflated, the woman is not feminine enough to fit the theme of this group.

:bulletred: Monsters that are not monstrous enough. This group is about extreme abnormalities. Regular people and animals or anything close to them will not be accepted. Giant animals - snakes, etc. - are okay.

:bulletred: Kids displayed any where in the picture will be declined.
All submissions (art and literary) are sent to the Main Gallery.
Submit up to 10 a day.
All skill levels are welcome.
Mature art must follow DA guidelines.
Deviant Art Guidelines -
What art they prohibit -
Their censoring rules -
What literature Deviant Art prohibits -


Periodically, I will select art from the Main Gallery that I think best reflects the group. These works will be displayed randomly on the home page.


This is where you'll find monster erotica stories. I will move the literary submissions from the Main Gallery to this gallery.


Anything I receive that is an open request or invitation: contests, commissions, collaborations, etc. Submit to the Main Gallery and I will move accordingly.


All Contributors can submit to this group's journal. To become a Contributor, you can "Send a Note" to the group with your request. Or select "Contributor" when joining the group. If you're already a member, you can leave the group and rejoin as a contributor. Contributor requests require approval.




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clover34 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2020
How do I add a few pictures from my gallery onto this group?
Vyxes Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2020
If you're a member, you should see a "Contribute Art" button on the blue "Welcome Home" banner at the top of the page.
MOLD666 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2020   Artist
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2020   Artist
is there a male version sister-group anywhere?
Vyxes Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2020
None that I know of. 

Some that allow male monster erotica are:

I make Cymra and my group there is Monsterotica
But it's a general erotica group.

The closest I've found are vore groups that entertain both sexes, like...

Mostly likely there's more.  I just never found the right vein.
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2020   Artist
yeah, that is about where i've been too. there are guy groups and monsterguy groups but not any guyxmonster groups specifically

thankyou for trying to help though<3
Martian1000 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2020
Quick question, are huge bugs and spiders beastie enough for submission?
BugsEverywhere 5v2cen - Desktop Version
Vyxes Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2020
Anything that makes the monster abnormal will be accepted, including being gigantic.
Martian1000 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2020
Thanks for the reply!
CelticNerd Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2020
Kickstarter for a vore videogame.…
mb109-da Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting me!
I wonder why I haven't joined way earlier!
Vyxes Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2020
You're here now... and welcome to the gallery!
mb109-da Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the welcome! :)
mb109-da Featured By Owner Edited Jan 3, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the request! :)
JanVanh Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2019
Always interesting to find new groups - cool! Thank you for the request for adding my shipwrecked girl!
w00t! =P (Razz) 
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