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Bad Time to Stop. A Halloween Story. by trixie24
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Please Read Before Submitting

This group is for monster erotica artists.

If you enjoy putting beautiful women with grotesque creatures in love or in struggle, you belong here.


Art and literary submissions must have at least one adult woman and one monster engaging one another for any reason.


- Submissions that merely imply or link to acceptable content. The woman and the monster must be visible (or clearly described) in the submitted content.

- Overly masculine women. Defined muscles are fine. But when the body frame is a male V-shape or the muscles are highly inflated, the woman is not feminine enough to fit the theme of this group.

- Monsters that are not monstrous enough. This group is about extreme abnormalities. Regular people and animals or anything close to them will not be accepted. Giant animals - snakes, etc. - are okay.

- Kids displayed any where in the picture will be declined.
All submissions (art and literary) are sent to the Main Gallery.
Submit up to 10 a day.
All skill levels are welcome.
Mature art must follow DA guidelines.
Deviant Art Guidelines -
What art they prohibit -
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What literature Deviant Art prohibits -


Periodically, I will select art from the Main Gallery that I think best reflects the group. These works will be displayed randomly on the home page.


This is where you'll find monster erotica stories. Periodically, I will move the literary submissions from the Main Gallery to this gallery.


Anything I receive that is an open request or invitation to artists. Submit to the Main Gallery and I will move accordingly.


All Contributors can submit to this group's journal. To become a Contributor, you can "Send a Note" to the group with your request. Or select "Contributor" when joining the group. If you're already a member, you can leave the group and rejoin as a contributor. Contributor requests require approval.
Hello, I had start a Halloween Contest.

You must draw a female character (human or a handfull furry character) fighting against halloween monsters like werewolves, zombies, vampires and more

Time to Enter:
28.09 - 10.11.2019

Journal with all Infos:…

Have a nice day

btw: Contest called Halloween Goretober, but you dont must draw a gore or bloody work.
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Any reasons submissions are taking so long to be approved...?
Vyxes Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2019
I usually approve once a week - often on Friday.  That is not a long time.
Buckeyes1 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2019
Ok. I run a group and approve every day.
Vyxes Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2019
That doesn't make once a week unreasonable but I'm glad you're ok with it.
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mb109-da Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the requests! :)
Vyxes Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2019
Thank you for the art.
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Vyxes Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2019
Remember that going around and proselytizing your dogma is just as much of a self-indulgent act as anything you see here.

Morality is a one-dimensional blunt instrument that sees every psychic anomaly as a nail to be hammered down.  Beyond "do no harm" in overt, physical ways; moral thinking is pretty weak in dealing with the great, complex organism called human civilization.  That's why theocracies so easily collapse into authoritarian regimes.  Since moral systems can't handle human complexity, they default to just stamping it down.

The better way to contend with the seemingly insane and depraved collective human psyche is to explore it.  That is what art is for and, if you reserve art for just being pretty, you will fail at that task.  

Art is an emotional window into the human psyche - rich with archetypes and myths.  However, while socially acceptable fantasies contain socially approved archetypes, sexual fantasies demand that you explore your personal archetypes.  If you were only doing what was socially acceptable, it wouldn't be dirty.

Being dirty is what makes you reach into your own mind to find what truly arouses you.  And what are those things: your nature, your traumas, your resentments, your hopes, your true idols, and so on.

Your sexual fantasy reveals the being within - not the one you want people to see, but the one that makes you tick.

When I first "descended" into erotic art, I thought I had surrendered to my own cynicism.  However, my obsession has proved me wrong.  Before erotica, I was dredging the swamps of my inner mind for demons to sell, but all that was doing was exploiting myself as a personal freak show.  

What erotica ultimately revealed to me was that, not only should I find my demons, I should also clean them up - untangle the resentments and misconceptions - and reveal the angel within them.

So, what is my sexual fantasy - my fetish?

It starts with the hero - the character I'm living through.  The hero is beautiful because they are the embodiment of unflinching sexual confidence.  They are nude or near nude, wantonly making themselves vulnerable to a world of sexual perils.  Finally, they are adorned in overt purposefulness - gear and weapons.

What the hero encounters are the nightmares - monsters of living filth and perversion that want to consume the hero's discipline and inhibitions.   Which they do, stripping the hero of their purposefulness and forcing them to... relax.

That's how my dirty fantasy often ends; with the hero surrendering themselves to a gentle, sexual bliss.

My erotic journey has resulted in a parable about sexual openness and shedding stress.

Art, in its most useful form, is as therapy - erotic art maybe even more so.

Morality has no place in art.  All it does is sabotage psychic exploration and expression.   And, if you think art poisons society, all the great social atrocities of our past and today work back to an ideology - often a religious one.  If that's your charge, art - even erotic art - is the least guilty.

Though I know this was just a fly-by gospel tagging, thank you for providing me an excuse to talk.
lori19 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019
A tale as old as time, beauty and the beast.
AlecMcD Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018
Sorry to intrude, but I have a bit of a PSA:

The Xenobiologist is Anacondrix. The loser whose known for scamming a lot of people and gone out of his way to abuse or mistreat others. He even went so far as trying to claim a series of artists work as his own. He thinks everyone has forgotten what he's done and is trying to start over so he can rip people off again.

Just felt you should know. If they try to set up any commissions with you, either buying from you or selling to you, under NO circumstances should you accept. It's really best to keep your distance from this abusive asshole as much as possible.………
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