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Dream Breathers



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Leigh-Fleur Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018
Hi! Just curious, is this the breed that Dream Breather's were converted to? I have this guy that I adopted as a dream breather but his foal design was deleted along with the group ^^;
  GG Sea Beast 252 by Leigh-Fleur
AdminBeaurever Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018
Yus! Dream Breathers have merged to Beaurevers! We tried to transfer as many as we could that were interested in keeping their horse in the breed. If you'd like to transfer your guy to the Beaurever group, all you need to do is have his design transferred to these lines: Beaurever import PSD (Classic line) and then upload it to your stash with the following info filled out in the description and linked to this journal: Design terminal. Then we'll have him officially uploaded and added back into the group with a new ID! <3 
If you need help transferring, just let us know and we'll be happy to get him added in asap! :D
Leigh-Fleur Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
Thank you very much for the help :)
Callofdutystables Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Are there rules for say nail polish or make up? Can you put paints on your horse as long as they don’t cover a certain amount or look like another geno?
Wouv Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You can decorate it as much as you want! If it isn’t recognizable as the same as its import design then you might need to specify in the description who it is so that the horse still earns EP for it :heart:
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