Eclipsed art feature 66. Digital

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Hello again!

Some music:

The digital artist for today is O-l-i-v-i from Russia:

Landscape with chamomiles
Travel memories
Daily study #26
Daily study #35
Summer landscape
Daily study #66
Sunset sketch
Daily study #18
Daily study #68
Daily study #72
Daily study #62

And in mixed order beautiful art by G-hamm Ranarh Chris-Karbach p-ivetto Asur-Misoa iwaiwa300 AizelKon arisuonpaa Queen-Galaxy judag kloir HaKhalifa irou-art darknez

Wildflower sunrise
Japanese Forest
Colourful Hill
the hort
Digital Still Life
Windy Trees
Hidden Paths
Entering the Woods
First Mornings Light
Radseri Spiritfriend
Autumn Plains
Roadtrippin' #6 Norway
Mountain Farm Village
Morgana Pendragon
Sunrise Behind Mountains
Clouds House
Moon lake
Meanwhile in the east..

Have a good evening :hug:


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thank you so much!

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You're very welcome! This pink portrait is very interesting and brave in the sense of color chose.

White Rose

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Wonderful feature Beata

I really like O-l-i-v-i

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Thank you very much! Indeed, I get to her gallery due to your journal entry :)


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Wow! Several pieces of mine — thank you! Great feature :D

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're most welcome! Your digital paintings are beautiful (among the traditional I like the one with floating cubes). I'm glad that you liked you "company" here!

Lotus Leaf

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Ah, the bloody cubes... I tried painting against a palette knife to get the edges straight. Thanks!

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

I've heard tha such technique is not easy, but I never tried oil painting.

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I painted in acrylics; I think it might be either even harder with oils because they smudge easier, or less because the smudginess means it can be wiped away later. Come to think of it, smudginess might be what this subject needs. I'll do another with geometrical thingies and try :)

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

Thank you for an interesting explanation. I wish you successful trying Forget Me Not Flowers

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're welcome! I liked the atmosphere of the pink sea sunset and brave color use in the one with orange sky Lotus Flower

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Thank you for the feature!

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're very welcome! I liked a lot the idea and smooth pastel colors!

White Rose (Meaning: Innocence, Purity, Charm)

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:wave:Thanks a lot!!! Cheers!!! :)

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're very welcome! I think this image was quite decorative :)

(F2U) valentines day molang with flower roses

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