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Hello dear friends!

Today it the last day of my vacation. I always feel sad this day.

I like my job. I also have to say that two weeks of my holidays I spent actually working, writing some scientific paper, cause I wanted to have some subchapters finished before I relax.

And due to the pandemics I spent most of this free time at home, except of 6 days.

But yet, it is like a remain of the time when I was a kid :D

I still feel sadness when the holidays end.

By the way of association - in this song the chorus is:

"your skin smells like the last days of vacation, rain on the concrete, rain on the concrete"

I like a lot music video - it is quite well drawn and it shows a lot of my homeland with both its good and bad sides. It is also packed with little details you can find while re-watching (I haven't noticed the wild boar until I read in the comments that it appears in the video):

Photographer for today uses nickname @Trippy4U and is from USA. His gallery is quite varied.

It seems that he likes this shot a lot and I'm not surprised why:

Where Babies Come From
Out Of Time
A Place To Hide
In The Space Between
Staten Island, New York VIII

And the other beautiful shots in mixed order by: @Iron-Eye @FurkanHolmes @caddman @Wuhven @skywalkerdesign @ChasMandala @Supach @davincipoppalag @Malintra-Shadowmoon @ov3

Cley next the sea, Norfolk.
Some kind of grass
Dzwierszno Male Sunset (HDR) No. 2
Black-n-White Dream_38
Autumns Abstract
Place of waking dreams.
Sunset Wolfsburg
Bear Island Light 2010
a morning walk
Dzwierszno Male Sunset (HDR)
The Way into Obscurity II
A Beautiful Sunday at Mystic Seaport
Mallorca Mountains (HDR)
Marsh Marigold
Broken Reeds
Impressions of Austrailia
Fireworks Flower
Diamond Tree
wdw polynesian village resort 1

As a kind of bonus - digital art by @FurkanHolmes and @ChasMandala


This one is titled "Never give up"

Stay safe and be happy :huggle:


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Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

Thank you so much for the feature and mention. :hug:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're most welcome!

This shot is very elegant, I like the pattern created by water flowers and their leaves


caddman's avatar

thank you friend for this wonderful showcase...:airborne:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're very welcome! The hummiing-bird photo is very beautiful!

I'm glad that you liked the other art presented :)


ChasMandala's avatar

:aww: Beatrycze, I am very delighted that you chose my photos for your wonderful tribute... this is very touching, and very kind of you ~ thank you so much, and enjoy the rest of your week! :wave: :rose: :peace:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words!

These lamps on the shot look amazing and the saturated colours enhance the effect.

In the fractal picture I liked colors and the elegant symmetries :)

I'm glad that you liked your "company" here!

Thank you so much for watching! I do appreciate this a lot moonflower

ChasMandala's avatar

:aww: I'm very honored and flattered - you're most welcome, and thank you so much ~ :star: :peace:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

Thank you once more Heart emoticon

ChasMandala's avatar
ov3's avatar

Thank you very much for this nice journal, Beatrycze :hug:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're very welcome and I'm glad that you liked your "company" here!

F2U | Flower Branch Divider - Right

Markotxe's avatar

Only great pics

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

Thank you very much [Flags Hearts] France Heart

davincipoppalag's avatar

wow.. to be featured with photographers like those is a true honor..thank you so much@@

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

You're very welcome!

I'm glad that you enjoyed your "company" here sunflower- revamped

davincipoppalag's avatar

Indeed...thanks again@

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

Great to see two of my oldest friends here @Trippy4U and @davincipoppalag

Wonderful feature

The end of holidays is always sad but you have to suffer it so that you can then have your next holiday :)

I'm glad you made Richard's day. He deserves it :D

(I should just stress I don't mean they are the oldest people I know here :lol: We have been friends a long time is what I meant )

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

:D Fully understand.

davincipoppalag's avatar

Wow.. thanks for letting me know Lawrence!!! (I probably AM the oldest person you know here .. hehe)

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar


I couldn't possibly suggest that ;)

Trippy4U's avatar

:rofl: @ "I don't mean they are the oldest people I know"

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