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The boy who watched trains. For John
Happy birthday :)

Sorry that I changed the colors, but the green locomotive wouldn't stand out from the background. 

Water soluble crayons and pastels. Interestingly, here I did not changed contrast, saturation, brightness tone curve (and so on) even for a little. 
Welcome to the jungle
Playing with markers goes on. 

The idea of this drawing came to me while I was chatting with suziewinkler, so I dedicate this art to her. 

I used references but this was not meant to be fully realistic, I mean I did not redrew some photo, but used different photos as an inspiration. 
Tree of Pain
Still playing with metallic markers. 

The Tree of Pain from "Hyperion Cantos" by Dan Simmons. These are four books, cycle can be sub-divided into two. I prefer first two novels "Hyperion" and "The fall of Hyperion".

These are one of the best novels I read in my life. They are breathtaking. I remember that two weeks after finishing reading, when I closed my eyes I saw the colorful skies of the remote planets. These are very rare kind of books that I could never imagine that someone could write a book like that before I read it. They were simply beyond my imagination. 

Strongly recommend. 
Seraph of Blades
Actually I planned to draw The Shrike from Dan's Simmons novels "Hyperion Cantos".
I did some conceptual sketches but I wasn't satisfied with any of them.
Although, by the way I sketched other creature and I liked the design very much. 

It has a little bit in common with the Shrike as he/it was mysterious being, a monster but also a futuristic personification of death. 
So this is my version of futuristic death (I may told it that in Polish culture and language "death" is she) 

Silver metallic marker on the black cardboard.

I must admit that I am satisfied with this art. I can imagine it being a cover for an album. 


No journal entries yet.


BeatryczeNowicka's Profile Picture
Beatrycze Nowicka
Born in the 80ties. Live in Cracow.

I am not a professional painter. Drawing and painting is my hobby. My other hobby is reading (especially fantasy & SF) - I write book reviews and articles on Esensja popculture on-line magazine.

My colleague has asked me, so I decided to extend my profile a little bit and (proudly) confirm that I'm an author of a short story published in the anthology settled in the Witcher universe (the anthology was a result of a contest organized on the 30th anniversary of publication of the first story about Geralt of Rivia).…
I do not know if they are going to translate it into English.
I have also written several "own" short stories (I mean with the original worlds and characters), but up to day sending them to publishers and magazines has not been successful (mostly silence, sometimes refusals).

Proffesionally I am a scientist - biochemist.


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And I thank you very much for re-visit in my gallery and all the favs. I am glad that you liked my art :)
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