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Kidnapped girl

This is for a tale about a girl who is kidnapped by a strange creature of the woods. When they find her, three years after she is ..well..kind of lobotomized. But she gets better.
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How can they remove her from the vines if she now grows with them.
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this is lovely. it reminds me of a grimm's fairy tale. a hard edge but softened by the seemingly innocuous surroundings. i could go on for a while. :heart:
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this is certainly a deviation worth downloading:)
Starlit-Masquerade's avatar
Beautifully drawn! Very eerie and creepy but thatt's what makes it cool...
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a beautifully done piece and that story sounds very interesting!
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muy bonito! Puedo utilizar la manera con que ella está sentada en un dibujo que estoy haciendo de un fantasma? (tengo que dibujar personas pero nunca sé como dibujar sus cuerpos.. siempre resulta terrible :( )
Sólo se tarda práctica. Creo que cuando usted empezar a dibujar más usted también comenzó teniendo anuncio de real anatomía humana. Una vez que haya comenzado a figura que, es simplemente trabajando en papel. ¡Buena suerte!
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it is just fabulous... the legs are in a position that seems quite hard to draw, but you did it perfectly. and i love her expression
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i think she is being kidnapped by lepprechaun or fairy for 3 hours...

coz she is tied up with plants....

well 3 hours in the fairy tail was different from the human times...

1 hour in the fairy tale world coukd be 1 day in human world...

am i right...???

but anyway i love the way u put her in the middle and none of things surround her...
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eres una excelente dibujante Beatriz !!:clap:
The pose/shading of this are both very well done!! Also her expression is great !! :D
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So great - the pose and her face are amazing! I like the story too :). :+fav:
Emo-Teengrl's avatar
Dude, you need a gallery in a building. I rlly mean that! Ur incredible! I love ur work!
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Her pose is wonderfully languid.
ThePix's avatar
This is so emotional. I love it!
haveyouseenmyname's avatar
this is so amazing... the emotion.. and lack of at the same time are captured so beautifully... i love the way u blend the shading in the skin, with the lack of shading in the clothes... its a beautiful juxtapasition... well done...
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Interesting, I love the color blend! What's the name of this story? Could I read it?
lutz-kleinau's avatar
it's a beautiful drawing...
lobotomized? she must have gone though a lot...
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Hl Bea.

Es un dibujo precioso. K tal te va?
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Hola Ludi, guapa. Muchas gracias. Estoy aquí agobiada con los rusos, pero me va muy bien y estoy muy contenta. ¿Qué tal tú? ¿Qué haces? Besitos.
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Cool pic! I really like the way you defined the collar bone. :D
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An excellent artwork - well done.
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