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Daphne and Apollo

This is the first illustration I did for the book. It was a kind of exam, to decide if I was going to do the illustrations or not. The liked a lot, the only problem being the nudity, but they decided very soon that they liked the way it is. so I disn't have to change it.

Watercolor and a bit of photoshop.
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Heya. Heads-up that a page on facebook is using this image without citing you as the artist:… the only way to stop this from happening is to report the page for copyright infringement. I've been in contact with quite a few artists whose work has been reposted without credit by this page, but the page keeps on benefitting from others' work. Best wishes for the future. Cato.
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Thats fantastic work. well done fella
And dont worry about the nudity, art loves nudity, the modern society sees every nude body as a sexual thing, while it is not, a body is so much more.
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absolutely stunning
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Beautiful. I love Apollo's body language. You can actually feel how heartbroken he is. I'm in love with this!
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This is amazing.
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A client brought this into me for a tattoo, and I've been trying to find the original artist.  I would love to show you the finished product and credit you for the artwork.
Fantastic! Would love to hung it up on the wall!
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Wonderfully illustrative, it tells the story impossibly well. The color pallet and posing are also perfect
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Absolutely stunning! Portrays all the "magic" and beaty that mithological gods have! (or that I imagine them having)
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made a double-take when i saw this one. this is why i love art.
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This is a beautiful illustration
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makes me want to read, love your stuff.
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Amazing gallery!
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Absolutely breathtaking! I love this myth:heart:
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Omg, a fellow Tolkien fan here! ^^
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Haha, hey there!^^ Glad to meet fellow Tolkien fans in different corners of DA:D
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One of my favorite myths
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this is gorgeous!
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:wow: It's wonderful :wow:
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Your work has been showcased here :) [link]
It remind me "The forest song" by Lesya Ukrainka. It's perfect!
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That is fabulous!!! :)
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wow. this art has affected me in so many ways... i'm recently accepting an event in my past, and this art... the story, the movement... gah, i can't describe my emotions, but i just wanted you to know that this has truly stunned and impacted someone.

thank you. thank you dearly.
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