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Underchaser Sans Sprite (My Take) by LeFunShark Underchaser Sans Sprite (My Take) :iconlefunshark:LeFunShark 8 2 Yuri Death Sprite Gif by LeFunShark Yuri Death Sprite Gif :iconlefunshark:LeFunShark 8 3 King Multiverse Sans Sprite by LeFunShark King Multiverse Sans Sprite :iconlefunshark:LeFunShark 5 1 Kaqen App by redhead-alex Kaqen App :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 7 0 Cool Floof by redhead-alex Cool Floof :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 12 4 Nap Time by redhead-alex Nap Time :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 13 2 Kata App by redhead-alex Kata App :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 10 0 Not Suspicious at All by redhead-alex Not Suspicious at All :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 17 4 SPP #1: What's this by redhead-alex SPP #1: What's this :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 19 2 Greetings by redhead-alex Greetings :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 11 0 Warm by redhead-alex Warm :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 12 9 DTE Entry by redhead-alex DTE Entry :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 11 2 Reaper Chapter 1 Page 8 by redhead-alex Reaper Chapter 1 Page 8 :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 11 9 WP 12 Sunshine by redhead-alex WP 12 Sunshine :iconredhead-alex:redhead-alex 13 0 The Simple-Minded Plague by Zara-Stardune The Simple-Minded Plague :iconzara-stardune:Zara-Stardune 13 38 Self UDestruction by Zara-Stardune
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Self UDestruction :iconzara-stardune:Zara-Stardune 7 14



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*Discovers what FNAFHS is*

.....You guys have the permission to shoot me down-

This has gone too far and my motivation to live has disappeared-

Its official now, I hate the spanish side of the FNAF fandom.
okay maybe it wasn't the best idea to get amino back-
After months I decided to finally re-install Amino!
Me: I hate Chrome, Firefox is bette-

"You can use Stylish in Chrome"

Me:Angry Steve Harvey  
Top 10 Cursed Images-
So, I was trying to study shadows and stuff on MS Paint (Idk what's with me an MS Paint lately),

And for the sake of my old, not good at drawing, me I decided to draw Golden Freddy! Because I remember I have always wanted to draw him but since I was bad at drawing I never did so.

You must be questioning "Why are you posting the drawing if its clearly unfinished?" Well dear person, that's because in the middle of shading his face MS Paint fREAKING GLITCHED.

My mouse disappeared but was still active? but when I tried to shade or do something else in the drawing this weird circle would appear and since it was extremely difficult to exit I had to open Task Manager to close MS Paint (not before I took a screenshot of it of course-) and now here we are.

Now MS Paint used to sometimes glitch in the past and I find it funny that after one whole year of non glitchy MS Paint, the program decides to glitch out specifically on this drawing of a damned haunted animatronic-

So I thought it would be a fun thing to share with you guys!

Usually I would say "I hope you guys liked it?" but I don't really know what's there to like in this-
Got tagged again by :iconmoonblood64:

*sigh* hERE WE GO AGAIN-

1. You have to post these rules
2. Answer the questions and make 12 new ones
3. Choose 12 people
4. Tag those people
5. Tag backs are allowed

1. Name at least 3 of your favorite fandoms

uNDERTALE, FNaF, Yume Nikki, Vocaloid. (you said at LEAST not just three- -w-)

2. Ya wear glasses/contacts/none?
None. I ain't blind bish-

3. Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?
. . .*inhales* when it comes to anything art related then yes.

4. You draw with a Phone/ Tablet/ Computer/ Paper?
I draw on my computer and sometimes sketch on paper.

5. If you were stuck in a room with with your favorite character from a TV Show/ Video game what's the first thing you would do?
Hug him. Hug him and never let go ;-;

6. What is your opinion of fangirls? (On any fandom)
So far the only fangirl that I have ever liked in my whole life is my gf....other than her I find fangirls pretty annoying.

7. Any fandom your going crazy in right now?
. . .Undertale-

8. Pancakes or waffles?
Whichever one my mom decides to make for breakfast

9. Favorite type of game genere?
RPG Maker games! ^w^

10. What's your viewpoint on your art currently?
It looks shitty as always.
But I guess it kinda looks close to what I'm wanting to achieve-
Though tbh I have been so obsessed in improving that I don't really know who my art really looks anymore.
I just remember it being the shitty art I made back in 2016-
I literally got jealous over my own art until I noticed it was mine-
so idk man-

11. Name a few foods ya like-
Ice cream, Spaghetti, Pizza, Mangos and Blueberries-

12. Link/Tag 1 of you're favorite artists (can be from other sites too)
Well I got more than one inspiration really...
Most artists I take inspiration from are japanese but I guess I have a few artists that inspire me on DeviantArt too, them being caphricina , Ketchupberry , KORHIPER and dupsmj9610 .

Though who really inspires me to draw is this lovely person Zara-Stardune !

Not only that, but all of you who still accompany and care about me are the people who keep me going in art! I'm truly thankful to all of you!

Now the tagging part cus I'm too lazy to do the questions-

ya know the drill, do the same questions I did -w-

Zara-Stardune (ey got tagged again-)
MoonBlood64 (hAH TAGGED U BACC)
CarrotPotato (you better do this too or I eat ur babies)


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Beatriz-Savin's Profile Picture
Beatriz Savin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hands by SageSprout Hands by SageSprout Hands by SageSprout

undertale stamp - temmie by hypsistamps
I'm just an artist who tries my best to inspire people and spread memes-

Cup of tea~ f2u by SpaceNougat Chibi Creator! by Beatriz-Savin
I get easily obsessed with RPG games-
Though the ones I'm currently obsessed in are Undertale and
Yume Nikki (the first one is quite obvious really-)

The only thing I ever listen to is Vocaloid and Game soundtrack's
remixes, so you can tell that my music tastes are great

I love dem anime art style even though the only animes I ever
watched are Death Note, Sailor Moon and One Punch Man

I'm probably the laziest person that has ever lived on planet

I have no idea what else to write here-

Undertale Stamp by Southrobin Yume Nikki Stamp by Yiyo--Chan Ib by Marlenesstamps Mogeko Castle Stamp by xioccolate
.:Wadanohara Stamp:. by XHazelbomb The Gray Garden stamp by Mion-waffuchii

051 by mysig you decide by JustYoungHeroes stamp_3 by viideoqame


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