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collage self portrait

I made this for my fall semester 2D design class.

Self Portrait
At first, I found my self portrait quite frustrating. I’ve never been able to create a great self portrait, at least not in high school. I think one of my major problems was in high school we were given mirrors to copy out faces onto. I have never really been a fan of mirrors. At first, I did filled in everything but my face, and left my face blank for quite sometime. I even thought about filling it in with black, but decided against it as it would have been the easy way out. Instead, I decided to base my face off a photograph of myself. I chose a photo which I particularly liked, printed it out, and used it for shading and composition, and I think my portrait came out beautifully! It may even be my favorite piece in my book. The background represents the color and chaos I seem to see around me that’s interesting and beautiful and the black and white, dark me is realistic and stands out in such a world.
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Mar 21, 2008, 9:16:26 PM
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Beautiful! I have used it here:…

Thank you!
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Really beautiful! You do so many different things, I admire that :)
Very good use of light and shade, and a bold use of colours! It looks alive and kicking! ^^
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yay it's a painted you! it's really cool how you used the color and such for the outside and then you are just shades of gray....well done....OOOH and I really like the jaggedness of it all :P
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Wow. This is really good, and infinitely more interesting than abstract black patterns.

Make more!!
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hehe xD i'm surprised you liked something abstract ;]
i can try, it takes so much time though xD
i think i might start cake decorating... fancy that?
maybe abstract cake decorating xD
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Sure whatever.

Well the point is it's not abstract, the piece is obviously a picture of you, giving it an obvious purpose and meaning. It's not really abstract, just sort of...expressionist.
Well if it takes that long, what I would do is cheat and take a bunch of pictures of myself and cut out pieces of those and piece them together.

Eryn learned how to write on cakes recently too...she might be able to hook you up/collaborate. Just don't ask her to spell 'birthday' though.
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we are indeed planning a collaboration with frilly aprons and princess dresses ^_^ pwn!
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nice, i love the concept!
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thank you :]
it was fun! it took so much time though xD but i kind of want to do it again :]
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i bet! how long did it take?
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well first i had to find pictures and images i thought would work well. i knew i wanted the background to be crazy colors because i love them, and i wanted to to be uniform, so it took a while to find enough of the patterns and everything... maybe a few class periods?
i <3 teen vogue. hehe.
umm... minus all the pattern searching, maybe 5 hours? i work slow x[
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