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Pada gets a little greedy! Yikes! :sprint:

FYI, Pada spends very little of her time on the ground. Yeah... she doesn't really buy into that whole " gravity" thing. :P

And don't worry about that hapless, unsuspecting fellow -- it's neither painful nor permanent. Just very, very disconcerting!

Wacom sketch, completed January 2004. Pada is © myself.
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© 2004 - 2021 Beatfox
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Oh he's really surprised. Poor tail.
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Hahaha! Well, good to know it's not painful...though judging by the poor fellow's expression, it's disconcerting all right! Favorited.
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Well that explains where one of my tails went >_>
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lol that's cute XDD
Jiayi's avatar
lol, nice pic! :D
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The randomness !
splashthefox's avatar
What a lovely sketch, your style is adorable! :love:
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I really love your lineart on this one! :)

I like to think of gravity as more of a suggestion than a law, really.
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heh thats kool and cute..
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Crazy cute. I love it! :dance:
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Heh, cute.

Made me smile muchly.
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Haha. That's awsome :D
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