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FoxyFlex Tail Vendor

Ye olde FoxyFlex Tail vendor in Second Life. People have told me they like the vixen artwork, so I figured I'd post it here. That's the one part of the vendor I really thought turned out well, along with the concept of having the actual moving tail come out from the picture; the rest of the vendor I consider to be rather bland, and I may possibly start to consider beginning the process of renovating it one of these centuries.

I originally intended to shade the pic, but I came down with a bad case of teh laze. x_o

Vendor artwork created in PSP 7 and completed in August 2006.
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YEs, this os the classic, someday it will sell as vintage, you´ll see heheh
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Sometimes the simple vendors are the best. Straightforward and no nonsense.
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Eheh, you don't submit much here do you XD

Good to see you're still as active as ever~
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Heh... This is actually from 2 years ago. I haven't been drawing hardly at all lately.
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Ah... well, care to tell why? =<
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Just a lack of motivation. I've been dealing with a colorful variety of issues in RL, and I don't feel driven to do stuff that requires work in what free time I have nowadays.
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