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State of the Beatfox address

State of the Beatfox address

So yeah, I'm still alive and all that. Considering that I've been on DA since 2003, it's kinda ironic that this is my first journal posting. As you've probably noticed, I haven't submitted much art for the past few years (not that I ever submitted all that much in the first place). I'd like to change that somehow; I feel like I definitely have some potential in the field of art (as a hobby, at least), and I think it would be beneficial for me to exercise and grow that ability. Problem is, all my past efforts to get myself arting regularly have failed. I need to figure out what I can do differently to keep that habit going. One of my biggest

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Greetings to you,
you haven't check your comments for really long time,how are you? I’m your fans and I am also a Keygenmusic author.Your production 'Celestial Fantasia' is fantastic!
I come from China and I just have some questions.Could I just take a moment to ask?

So,are you still here? Are you going to make more outstanding sounds? What are your plan for your future creations?

If you could see this message I will be very delighted and I'm hoping for your reply.

Well,my English is not very good,some words that I said isn't very appropriate.I hope you can forgive me,thanks!
Hi there! Sorry I'm replying so late, I don't check here much these days.

I'm glad you enjoy my old music! I haven't worked on anything new lately - did a smattering of music for the webcomic Homestuck during its run, but that finished up a few years ago. I'd like to start working on independent stuff again, though. As I get older, I'm realizing just how valuable each day is, so I'm trying to get into a habit of organizing my time to make room for exercising the creative skills I know I have a talent for.

you most certainly have a talent for writing music! i hope the muse takes you again one day because i'd love to hear more of your stuff

Thank you! That means a lot to me.

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Happy Birthday! :cake:
Internet explorer FIVE?
I figure if I just keep waiting until Edge 5 comes out, that'll be like wrapping around and the site'll be kinda sorta current again.

That's totally how it works, right?