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Velvet's Cutie Mark

By beastywizard
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Here is the cutie mark I drew for the Velvet ragdoll [link]

It probably won't ever be needed due to her habit of wearing clothes, but meh. Somebody will want it from me one day.

Velvet and her cutie mark are owned by :iconsiansaar:
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May i use this cutie mark for a pony of mine
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Do you mind if I use / edit the cutie mark for my OC i'll link back to you
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I don't mind, just remember to credit the original designer too ;)
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Sorry to have to let you know, but one of my friends took it for her oc. [link]
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Thanks for telling me. I don't own this design, but it still bums me out to have the image used without credit to me or siansaar