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Velvet Gmod ragdoll

By beastywizard
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No desktop pony of Velvet exists yet, and I lack the 2d skills to do it myself.
So to quench my Velvet thirst, I decided to reskin a gmod pony.

Well as with everything, this was a lot harder to do than I planned.
I had to take Bon Bon's body and stick a horn on it.
An hour to texture her, 30 mins on the cutie mark.
Then 6 hours trying to get a damn horn to stick to her forehead.

Hooray for the constant stream of Disney movies keeping me sane.

Thanks to :iconsiansaar: for creating the most adorable OC
You can find Velvet on her ask blog [link]
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do you do requests?
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omg are you fucking kidding me? this is ridiculously awesome! holy crap!
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Haha, sorry it took so long to reach you.
Thanks for liking it, it was the first custom model ragdoll I did. It was surprisingly difficult to get the damn horn on her head.
Still, at least the MLP Pack v3 has assets, so I won't being flying blind any more like I did with this ;)
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how did you get the thumbnail to work?