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Real Surprise Models [now on workshop]

So I noticed that there is no true ragdoll of surprise on here.
There was one, but it had no wings.


Now she does.

This pack features both fully working open and closed wings, with outline versions of each.

I also optimised these beyond belief. These aren't mere hexes, but actual compiled models.
Did you know all pony models have about 20 invisible eyelashes, and the non outline ones have an invisible outline mesh?

by removing these on the non-outline versions, the amount of polygons has been halved ;)

Anyway, enough waffling
Steam workshop: [link]
Download link for SFM: [link]
Add it to the existing MLPPack in addons
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Where can you find a gmod model of Posey?
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This reminds me of a piece of cake somehow.
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Is this for Blender?
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Is it free to use?
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Yes, just credit me if you upload anything ;)
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So free? I want to downloaded it x3
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Yes,it is free. :3
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Update again: You put the folder with Suprise's files in the materials/models file instead of the materials/models/mlp file. Not too bad, but it's a good way to trip up people like me who don't check between the VMTs and folder setups or just use 7Zip.
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Fixed it in the zip now, reuploading
Thanks for telling me ;)
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Update: The download seems to be bugged in some way that makes the textures of the model break. Working to fix it myself, but you might want to check it out too.
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Oh wow, 2 new custom/fully rigged models in one day! Another download for me then, hold the anchovies.
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That's awesome, really.
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Why do I think that is pony model of PewDiePie?
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Sweet, now I can do a pic of Ms. Faust's original vision of FiM.
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Thanks so much for making a real model. Even though I made the hex I've been seriously hoping someone would make an actual model. So much better than a simple hex. Instant download.
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