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Rainbow Dash scooting

I remembered this sequence where RD scoots across the floor. While derping in vegas, I discovered that if I moved the frames right, she stayed still and flailed around.

When I went to export it as a gif, I noticed several animation errors.
Her far wing was poorly mirrored, her left arm looked dumb and her tail wasn't actually attached to her butt.

I though, screw it, I'll just draw it from scratch in flash.
So I did.
I fixed the arm and tail, as well as redrawing the wings.

This flash file can be dropped into Vegas for use in videos, and I'll send it to GreenScreenPonies tomorrow.

Here's the .fla [link] , since I might give this to the vector club, and you need source files these days.

I'll submit this to Dumb Running Ponies [link] later, the gif can be found here [link] on my tumblr.
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Haters gonna hate! :P