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February 22, 2013
The mix between sharp and smooth painted details really makes this awesome looking character pop! Eagon Van Strasse and Skuz by ~Beastysakura
Featured by PolyMune
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Eagon Van Strasse and Skuz

for the past few weeks ive been diving head long into Dominance war!

thats right! the huge super massive and awesome competition for concept artists around the world!

The mini competition just finished up and this was my entry!

Eagon Van Strasse- Techno Mage Cleric
Skuz! - Corrupted beast, and fiend of fishbowls!

Eagon is a royal alchemist, harnessing the power of Skuz for his bidding as they fight against the robots taking over the Dominance War world!

Any who, wish me luck ;.; Ive never won a competition and this is my first time actually submitting work to the contest!

Good luck to all those who are working on the contest as well!

Also! This character has been added to Patchtogether! So go here and vote if you would like to see this character made into a figure! The fish and the rhino would be separate
thanks for looking!!


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I featured in my journal on digital art
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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rhino enchanted..
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Looks amazing!!!!!
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What amazing texture! Beautifully done! :D
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Man, I forgot you even did this.
Beastysakura's avatar
DestroyErase's avatar
D: I always get the last word.
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This is frackin AWESOME
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awesome fingers crossed
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where is the War happening this year I can't find it.
Great work BTW.
Beastysakura's avatar
They ended up cancelling the year I submitted this, the whole thing kinda got scammed out, oh well! heh
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This is awesome and is very similar to how I would like to be able to draw eventually. Thanks for the inspiration.
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practice till your hands are stumps :P
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your stuff is freking amazing i love allof it
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"I faved this before it was a DD." Isn't that what the cool kids say in these cases? :eyes:
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