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Jolteon Cranky by VorpalBeasta
Chunk Boy by VorpalBeasta
Pupsi Muttsi by VorpalBeasta
FFIX Fang by VorpalBeasta
Animal Photography
Wallcrawler by serialzero
Commission: Yungavolucris by Inmyarmsinmyarms
Commission: Navajodactylus by Inmyarmsinmyarms
So Meowta by serialzero
Canines or Canine Like
I Need Help With This Problem! by Devon13168
Wof by akaVarwolf
Zariel Reference Sheet 2021 by Laghrian
Blood Rage by Rufinator
Felines or Feline Like
Spooky Season 2021 day 11 - Black Cat by Silitrium
The Tzar by Kthco
The Great Pit Fiend VS The Giant Cougar by masonmdaythetrex
THE WEREWOLF (real) by masonmdaythetrex
Beware the Were-Leopard by OGYungLilBig
Jack Atlas Werewolf Form by masonmdaythetrex
Shift Happens by Rufinator
Spooky Season 2021 Day 15 - Dragon of Netherworld by Silitrium
Zombie Rufy by Rufinator
DRAKAN THE BIG FLAME DRAGON by masonmdaythetrex
MALEZAI THE DARK DRAGON LORD AND Kurgi by masonmdaythetrex
Gryphon,Birds,or Bird-Like Creatures
THE GIANT CONDOR by masonmdaythetrex
made-up pre-existing birbs by littleloomex
Inktober #14 Tick by Bluegirl123456
Razorbeak the Red Tailed Hawk by masonmdaythetrex
Aquatic Animals and Creatures
The fossil Vayamon by Sia-Mon
Leviathan by Sia-Mon
The Leviathan of Cornwall by masonmdaythetrex
Squidsi by gregor-kari
Hooved Creatures
Pig drawing by Slade824
Spooky Season 2021 day 5 - Fire Crin by Silitrium
Inktober 17th - Collide by gnarly-bones
The Guardian Saves A Kid! by Devon13168
Other Mammals
Colored Drawing (Detailed) - Manatee and Sloth by YellowPanda2001
Night of the Flying Teeth - Worst Nightmare by gnarly-bones
Spooky Season 2021 day 12 - Deformed Creature by Silitrium
Twilight Kong - Princess Of Skull Island by Devon13168
Dinosaur and Reptilian Creatures
Complex Landscape (Detailed) - DinoAge (Ep6 Vivid) by YellowPanda2001
Demonic Creatures
Spooky Season 2021 - 1. Sulfur by Silitrium
Alien Creatures
Simple Landscape (Detailed) - Hold my Alien by YellowPanda2001
Arachnid or Insect Like
GRANIS THE GIANT SPIDER by masonmdaythetrex
Undead Creatures
The Headless Horseman by HellraptorStudios
Other Monsters
Inktober 20th - Sprout by gnarly-bones
Lineart (Detailed) - Teletubby by YellowPanda2001
OCs or Species Reference Sheets
Sleeping In by PaleoartStudios
Adoptables OPEN [22/50] by TasiraVVolf










Tiger Avatar by SonderSays Free Gryphon icon by TheFluffehGryphon Free icon: phoenix by BronzeHalo Free Chinese Dragon Avatar by Tirrih Free Dunkleosteus icon by Tirrih Owl Flip dA Icon FREE by MoogleyMog Free lion avatar by Tirrih Free katta lemur icon by Tirrih

Free- Silver Dragon Breathing Frost by Altairas Cheshire Cat - FREE ICON - by HerzloseWelcome to BEASTS-OF-SOCIETY Free Ahuizotl Avatar by Tirrih Free icon base: cantering by BronzeHalo

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Added some new featured artwork to galley. :heart:
Remember you can have your groups featured in on the page just hit me up with a note. I will be working on the featured artists part soon. Trying to get back being active on here. If anybody would like to help as a contributor or Co-Founder just send me a note. :)

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:bulletgreen:Here you will find the Group Contest and you can ask for a slot if OPEN to display your contest. There are only 5 slots available.:note: Me if you would like a slot in the open contests slots below.


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Monthly featured artist are not chosen by how their art is,but chose at random,so everybody gets a fair chance. :)


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:bulletpurple:If you want you group featured below send a note saying so. You will be featured below for 2 weeks. You may ask for you group to be featured again, but only after a 2 week waiting period. We want to give others a chance to show their new groups to.Tell us about your group so we can describe it below.There are only 10 slots available.

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:bulletyellow::iconvirtual-creatures:~For all animals and creatures off of video games,movies,and tv shows.
:bulletblue::iconhellhounds-united:~For hellhounds and other dark canines.
:bulletorange::iconpoke-canines-felines:~For cat and dog like pokemon artwork.
:bulletgreen::icondigimon-united:~For digimon artwork.
:bulletblack:~:iconmenacing-creatures: for carnivorous animals and monsters.
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