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This is the first tattoo I designed for myself but i didnt draw it in full detail until today, I always pictured this on my right shoulder blade. The original design also had wings like Rinoa's Jacket but when I put the picture together the Wings looked awful so I removed them. The Two parts of the tattoo are the Balamb Garden Logo and Griever (Squall's Pendant). The red along the outside of the Picture is supposed to a burning into the skin effect but it didnt come out quite right, it just looks like tender skin.

So for the last 2 days ive had a massive Migrain, it turns out that when I focus my attention on something intricate like the Lucario or this i dont feel it as much thus a series of far too intricate pieces. Maybe there'll be another pic or two if this migrain doesnt go away but as long as I keep drawing ill be okay ^^
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Is not a new design I tattooed it at my back but without the balamb logo you can go to to the other pages if you search "griever tattoo" and should be able to see it. And it has a post time I did it on December 4, 2009 still Good Job :D