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Wyrdverse: Vlad III Dracula

Name: Vlad III A.K.A. Vlad Tepes, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler

Species: Vampire/Mage

Nationality: Romanian

Occupation: Head of the House of Drăculești

Bio: Born in late 1431, in the citadel of Sighisoara, Transylvania, the son of  Vlad II or Dracul, a military governor, appointed by Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.  Vlad Dracul was also a knight in the Order of the Dragon, a secret fraternity created in 1387 by the Emperor, sworn to uphold Christianity and defend the empire against the Islamic Turks. History knows well of his deeds and legacy, though beyond what is known by most, there is the secretive parts of Dracula's life known only to a select few. Dracula was a mage, becoming one during his exile, before the start of his second rule. Dracula was a master of Alchemy, so much so that he was once considered for the position of Archmage of Alchemy during his life, a post he refused to continue his rule over Wallachia. Eventually however, Vlad III would go on to study the secrets of life itself, attempting to delve into the secrets of Immortality. He would prove successful as his alchemical experiments lead to him becoming the first Vampire to ever live.

Dracula would spend his long life after his 'Death' in 1477, becoming the forefather of the Vampire species across the world, working closely with mages as time went on, and eventually allying himself with the Werewolves when Victor Talbot became their progenitor. Currently Vlad lives in Bran castle in Romania and is still associating with the Parliament of Romania, acting as a Constitutional Monarch of the revived House of Drăculești, though this fact is known by only a few individuals throughout Parliament. In addition Vlad has a close relationship with the Circle of Mages and acts as the Director of a Romanian Spec Ops team of Vampire Spies and Assassins', though he does not run it himself, he is responsible for it's continued operation.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

Vampire Physiology - Dracula is the first Vampire to ever exist, becoming one via alchemical experiments during his tenure as a mage. Like all Vampires he is supernaturally strong and fast. At will he can transform into a swarm of bats to fly from location to location and feeds exclusively on human blood. Like all vampires, Dracula is capable of insane feats of regeneration, able to heal fast enough to be perceived. All vampires also possess mild hypnotic effects to those who stare into their eyes. The only downside to this is photosensitive skin that gives Dracula a weakness to strong levels of UV Radiation.

Cruor Deus From - The Cruor Deus (Blood God) is an alternate form Dracula can assume at will, upon doing so he becomes a monstrous bat-like creature. Any vampires around him while in this form are forced to become a swarm of bats under the complete telepathic control of Dracula. His strength and speed greatly increase along with a massive pair of membraneous wings that allow him sub-sonic flight. This form also grants Dracula access to several abilities far beyond that of most other Vampires, most notably is Aerokinesis, the ability to telekinetically control and conjure wind, which in conjunction with his wings gives Dracula the ability to create storms around him.

Infectious Bite - Any human bitten by a vampire will themselves become afflicted with Vampirism. Though Vampires can choose not to pass along the affliction beforehand.

Master Alchemist - Few Mages have reached the levels of prowess with Alchemy as Dracula. A master of potions and poison, Dracula also was the creator of several mystical weapons such as Liquid Fire, a highly explosive blue-hued flame that behaves not unlike Napalm. In addition Dracula has mystically treated everything he owns, giving him power over them, the most impressive example of this is the modifications he has made to Bran Castle, whose mana rich architecture enables Dracula to shift and alter the castle at will, creating new rooms with but a gesture. Even his sword has been treated, being capable of draining blood from any he slays to be contained within. Vampires who hold the sword are automatically nourished by the stored blood, enabling them to forego feeding off others. There are no upper limits of the amount of blood the sword can contain, as slaying others causes every drop of their blood to automatically flow towards the sword upon death, should they survive, only blood that has been spilled will flow towards the sword for storage. As with all alchemists, Dracula can also transmute substances or enrich them with mana to control their shape and properties.

Immortality - All Vampires are effectively immortal, they do not age upon the first time they transform and can heal from just about anything short of eviscerations.
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fun fact! the sword he's holding is a shamshir, a Persian hunting sword

Beastrider9's avatar

It's also a magic sword that can absorb and hold a theoretically infinite amount of human blood and automatically nourishes vampires who holds it... because why not.

Perfect! Now all he'll need is a husband.

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Or you could do him as a big gainer of the blood economy among vampires

Beastrider9's avatar

He's mostly a constitutional monarch of Romania, albeit one the public doesn't know about because vampires. Also operates a spec ops team of Vampire Assassins for the Romanian military because it sounds cool.

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Nice rendition of Dracula the combat humanoid bat form looks cool
Beastrider9's avatar

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, I kept doing several renditions before finally coming up with something I liked.

Cardendra47's avatar
Urbn1nja's avatar

That batform is amazing! It's bringing the 'monster' back intot the vampire! Wanted something fresh and this hit the spot for me.

Beastrider9's avatar

Vampires as monsters will forever be the superior form of vampire, and I know this because the Strain is the single greatest vampire series ever made. Take that Vampire Diaries, our Vamps got worms in their blood.

so not a villain in this universe like other incarnations?

Beastrider9's avatar

Not a villain, but not a hero either.

Preyote's avatar

I love the crazy bat form

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First of all if you read the original novel, Dracula isn't actually harmed by sunlight at all but it only weakened his powers which I don't know why everyone keeps forgetting this detail when especially the "burn in sunlight" weakness didn't come till much later with F.W. Muernu's Nosferatu and plus he attended the Scholomance i.e. the "Devil's School" which is how he became a vampire which is of course through black magic and alchemy.

Although I would say that his appearence is very close to the novel only except his attire would not have a spec of color of being completely black that is.

Beastrider9's avatar

Hey guess what, this isn't Bram Stokers Dracula, actually the events of the book didn't actually happen in the Wyrdverse and none of those characters actually exist or existed. This is Vlad Tepes who became a vampire, who by the way is also called Dracula, "Son of the Dragon" which you could have figured our if you read the bio and noticed the startling lack of mentions to Mr. Stoker or any of the actual events that happened in the book. In universe it's actually a massive coincidence (probably Fae related cause they're weird like that) why Bram Stoker wrote a book called Dracula where he was a vampire.

Xlavok's avatar

Still though, My beef here is that Vampires burning in the sunlight is entirely a hollywood invention which everyone has been saturated with when writing vampire fiction nowadays.

Beastrider9's avatar

They don't necessarily burn like traditional depictions. They just sunburn very quickly and start to blister after several minutes of sustained direct sunlight, taking a few hours before they actually die. It's more like a species wide case of albinism than anything else, though with grey skin instead of white. Though when I get around to it Orlok probably will be weak to it more so than most other vampires, though thats because I plan on him being a Vampire/Afflicted who fucked up the mages ritual. Most vampires in the settings also heal fast enough that it usually isn't much of a problem.

Xlavok's avatar

Although they still burn in the sunlight and die from it regardless how long it takes either way however which is the main point.

Beastrider9's avatar

Vampires during in sunlight is so ubiquitous and universal at this point that I think it would be weird to just ignore it. It's not like I am alone in this regard, I mean... It still seema weird you're bringing this up on my art of all places.

Xlavok's avatar

I would probably recommend applying the "Burn in Sunlight" weakness to Orlok and Modern Day vampires but it doesn't apply to 19th century literary vampires like Dracula, Carmilla, Lord Ruthven, Clarimonde, Varney, etc....

Beastrider9's avatar

I only really intended on putting a few famous Vampires in this setting, with Carmilla being Elizabeth Bathory, or just making Lord Ruthven an alias for the historical Lord Byron who I believe inspired Ruthven. Most of the older Vampires innthis setting would be historical people of aristocratic or otherwise scholarly folk, still not sure who I'm going to link Orlok to, though I'm leaning towards Ivan the Terrible after screwing up his attempts to become a Vampire Mage.

I suppose I could do something to that effect, but it would require a rework to some things already written. Plus I still have the damn Dragons I'm working on... and the Archmages... And the werewolves... And the Fae... And the Eldritch... Plus the Black Organizations own Conspiracy Theorist things of more modern folklore... And the other non affiliated superhumans.... Actually quite a lot of things really.

I'll think about it.

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Velcome to my castle, Ladies and Gentlemen. I know, it sounds lame.

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