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Wyrdverse: Grendles Modor

Name: Grendles Modor AKA The Mother of Trolls

Species: Fae

Nationality: Wyrd

Occupation: None


Fae are often strange in their actions, very rarely do two Fae use the same methods in their Madness, Grendles Modor, also known as the mother of Trolls is a powerful Fae, one who strategically fragments itself to spawn beasts known as Grendel's or Trolls. These Grendel's bud from the Troll Mother as she grows heads that eventually break away as their own monsters under her complete control, though it would be more accurate to say these Trolls are merely extensions of her. Personality wise, Grendles Modor is much more focused on physical prowess and martial skill than mystical powers despite herself being a Fae with Magical powers. Regardless, she spends most of her time within the Wyrd in an area corresponding with Nordic countries with her primary home being in Norway. From here her trolls and Grendels expand outwards, occasionally traveling to the Mundane to spread terror in the quest to test their mettle. Grendel's are a various breed, some are short and stout, others lithe and tall with Grendles Modor herself being massive, usually with multiple heads.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

Fae Magic - Grendles Modor is a powerful Fae with as many numerous mystical abilities as any other Fae, however the way she chooses to manifest this is unique. As her pools of mana grows, Grendles Modor grows additional heads, over time these heads begin to grow in strength before eventually they bud off of her to become extensions of her. These Trolls/Grendel's are mere extensions of her, being akin to limbs.

Above Average Intellect - All Fae strong enough to be considered one of the Gentry are exceptionally intelligent. Skilled manipulators with silver tongues able to convince even the strongest skeptic of the most outrageous of lies.
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