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a Bloodpurd. also known as a 'maggot horse' or 'termite deer.' heheh, came out rather nice methinks. *evil gryn*
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KreepingSpawn's avatar
it lays eggs... how intriguing...
a-s-continued's avatar
you should be an artist for those shows like. alien planet or dinosaur those show discovery channel has..........u are awesome! and so creative
XxxTenebraexxX's avatar
...I hate maggots in reality...but always enjoyed a good fantasy maggot...
Kth-dragon's avatar
Ew... how icky.... but in a good way. I like how the stormy day background contrasts its coloration, and the colored orbs on the neck and tail are really nice.
SuketchiRyuu's avatar
woahhhh o.o
VERY unusual(and very scary), me like lots. X)
Roogna's avatar
woah! what an amazing concept!!! XD
Daimera's avatar
I still love this thing to death. More than one pair of eyes is sexy... .. >_> <_< .... Did I just say that out loud?
possessedtim's avatar
I want a pony! That's disgustingly cool!
dracontes's avatar
Damn that thing's ugly. I hope that pile of objects on the ground aren't eggs. More of those? UGH!!

Anyway, beautiful depiction :)
SilverChakra's avatar
That's sooo creeepy...BUT SOOO COOL :D :clap: :clap: :clap:

"When captured birds grow wise, they try to open the cage with their beaks. They don't give up, because they want to fly again"
red20's avatar
Yeehow. Lovelee.
drakhenliche's avatar
Wonderfully unique design. The annilid look to the head and neck (and that mouth) is creepy.
drakhenliche's avatar
Cool, but disturbing. I think it's the annilid look to its head and mouth that gets me. And the eggs. (me and maggots/lavae don't get on well - something about them dropping out of trees on me when I was little). Wonderfully unique, anyway :)
mikes-cat's avatar
ah! is'nt it cute!


karnige's avatar
interesting... i drew something that was a very similar concept to this one and looked very much the same, but mine was an alien perspective on a horse, and it drank water because it was actually a plant :P

oh yah, and it could jump a mile :)
duckness's avatar
hey man, i've been checking out some of your random pics. I really like the stuff you've come up with. Very interesting stuff.
Shadowwolf's avatar
Dood, weird =O But aweshum.
b33lz3bub's avatar
that is just genius.
yiddershinzz's avatar
O-O it looks like something I'd have goofy dreams about...and wake up wanting to slice my back open to let the spiders out.

Other than that, neat-o.

The proportions of the belly look a bit off, but perhaps it's part of the design?
osandstorrm's avatar
I wonder what it would take to be able to tame and ride one. Hmm... nah, probably not possible. o_o;;
balisong's avatar
oooooh...woowww....that's such an awesome concept, I'm faving this one ^__^
Benny-the-Badger's avatar
Whow! That's friggin great! I'm gonna have a nightmare now O_o
wynblade's avatar
EEEWWW! very cool and well done but yuck XD
daemonshade's avatar
Yus, es uber scary. o.o Me no thinks I'd want to be anywhere near it, lest it try to burrow through my flesh, spit some strange fluid to digest me and then suck me up through a straw like tongue.

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