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Vulf Sentient
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Published: May 31, 2005
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And this, is a Vulf Sentient...

There are three types of Vulfs - Beastial, Intelligent, and Sentient. The first being the dumbest, the last the smartest. A full write-up on these guys is in progress, so you'll just have to wait until then for the details... :}

Marker and Crayola colored pencils on 9x12" smooth bristol.
Artwork & Vulfs © Allison Theus
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
YOU!!!!, are a nightmare out of H.P. Lovecraft!


CGraves09  XOR(Collab) 
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Hey Bro, did you ever complete the full write up on the Vulf scenario, would love to read it if you have posted it, a link would be great thanks ....;-)
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I love the colored pencils
bddy4m72's avatar
Professional and wonderfully put together
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AshealathHobbyist General Artist
O.O......*faints from over exposure to awesome*
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Your drawings are amazing! It's always a pleasure to see good traditional work (I have nothing against digital work though!) I'd like to reach your level of expertise and originality in details. What are your sources of inspiration?
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PythosartHobbyist Digital Artist
Yaaay Crayola! :dummy: I see I'm not the only one who still uses them, then C:
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beastofoblivionProfessional Artist
Yeah, Crayola can be awesome! I haven't done colored pencils like this in a while, though (this was from ~5yrs ago). I should do them again, I miss normal blending. XD
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PythosartHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, five years?

It's been a while since I last used them for art, but I'm considering trying them out again. Ever since I got my Copics, the only other medium I've used much is Photoshop.
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beastofoblivionProfessional Artist
Yeah, it was a while ago *points to upload date lol*. I have fond memories of working on it on the downstairs couch back home. It was a lot of fun.

You should use theeeem.
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PythosartHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol I didn't look at the date. Silly me.

I don't have a special art place D: I just kind of draw all the time everywhere.

I used theeeeem :la:
Yay, 10-minute coloring job! (that scanner proceeded to nom) [link]
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beastofoblivionProfessional Artist
It's cool, most people don't so I don't expect it. XD Yeah, no special art places here, either, but it marked an important part of something, so the location was relevant. And yey!
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This piece is truly sensatiolnal. And once I get the money I WILL buy it. Not like those others who say 'if I had the money I'd buy it' but once I do I plan to get a print of this.
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ChickChickyStudent General Artist
it's beautiful O_O and awesome
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Stunning piece. :)
Really got to ask: Do you use the colouring pencils to do the lineart aswell?
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Whoa, that is just great! Amazing detail and anatomy.
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LivingDemonHobbyist Digital Artist
Did u really draw that using Crayola color pencils? Woah... I'm impressed!
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assemblitStudent Traditional Artist
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arpelliasHobbyist General Artist
i likes the color and general appearance of them :D
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Is this no longer up as a print?
I've wanted it as a print for ages and when I saw it was up as one I was ecstatic, but the link says access not allowed TT^TT was it only avalible for a short time or is this a fault?
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beastofoblivionProfessional Artist
I think I tried to make it a print way back when, when I had no idea what I was doing and didn't have a print account, hence why it was up only momentarily.
I think I still have the pieces of the file somewhere, hm. Sorry about that!
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No problemo.
Thank you =3
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so okay, i saw this and i was very much in shock. this is an awesome piece, and i was wondering, how much do i have to pay for for me to do this as my first arm tattoo? :ahoy:
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