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Vuaricorn Again
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Published: June 22, 2003
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There he recognized the Vuaricorn, fearsome horse-like liquivore that it was, and remembered how he had helped with its creation...
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bloody hell, thats grand
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Very nice- this is quite unique! :)
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radical! i love this! X3
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Wooooow! He's so pretty! ...In a twisted demonic way!
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punkmuppet|Hobbyist General Artist
Another watcher wont mean a whole lot to you I'm sure, but this... thing has convinced me to put you on my list.... :D

I would love to see this guy animated at some time, asking far too much I know, but wow... It'd probably give me a heart attack...
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hellcorpceo|Professional Digital Artist
I don't know whether to bow to you or to be utterly terrified. But I'm going with bowing!

The anatomy on his/her/its horse body is unbelievable--the belly feels big and round like it should, and the legs are solid. And then the whole thing winds up into its hideous, hideous head . . . I love it. How in the WORLD do you come up with so many wonderfully-horrible things?
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Allie! :)

there goes my chances of catchin up to ya
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beastofoblivion|Professional Artist
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Thats like if their were Unicorn's in the Inferno that is what they would look like. This is incredible.

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this is so cool:) (Smile) it's freaking to look at something with no definable face (where are the eyes?) and I love the idea of it missing. you know there's a horse head suppsoed to be there and just stare at it for minutes trying to find where it is or why it's not there :) (Smile)
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Whoa. It's so hard to come up with something that dosen't have some resemblance of a head on it's neck. I didn't think it was possible but....Wow. Great job with the anatomy as usual. And it it oozes atmosphere - also as usual. The texture of the skin is just grand! The entire design is just so awesome! I'd love to see this thing in motion!
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Shadowwolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh, I love it when people draw horses that arent...quite..."horses". ^^ Which is why this cought my eye. FanTASTIC job, really. This is incredibly freakish and yet I could stare at it alll day because it is as equally, veddy cool. But since I have people to go and places to see, I can't... ^^ So I'll just say GREAT JOB again, :P (Lick)
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-jin-|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is one seriously freakish steed....and I like it.
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Hey thats one badass mean looking horse i can i ride him sometime
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mateem| Interface Designer
The stains! The stains! xD That's oddly the first thing that came to mind when I saw this little beauty. Now THAT'S a horse for the grim reaper to ride upon. Love how the hide has a bandaged/mummified look to it. Also love the multiple tongues... oh what one could do with those and those horns... ehee, getting mind out of gutter, now... ^-^; NEways, nice touch with the anntenae on top. X3
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mialythila|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow this is ONE F***t up creature. I liKE it! does it see or eat even?? o_O
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Purdy horsey!
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shaymacmorran|Professional General Artist
That is so mega cool! Awesome work! ;) (Wink)
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that is some sweet shit, i love how you color your images and that is a killer creature!
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Thoroughly freaky and nightmarish - My Little Pony meets Hellraiser...
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wow thats amazing. I love the textures you give to your pieces, it's absolutely beautiful.
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Kata|Professional Digital Artist
wow that's creepy isnt it. you really did a nice job, and the horns are really cool. where did you get the quote? seems like this could belonbg on a magic card ^.^ Keep up the great work
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scary shit!! but wicked ass shit!! patterny
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Dang this is awesome!!! I luv it's textury skin!!! *must have* XD
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