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Hurrrr, I like him.

Artwork © Allison Theus
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JetteKnight's avatar
that is totally awesome!!!!!
foozicle's avatar
i absolutely love the twirls. and i like the mouth parts too :D
MalkavianFalconess's avatar
I adore those horns! He/she looks wise, and old. In a good way, old. Like, ancient. Beautiful work!
beastofoblivion's avatar
Thank you much! He was a blast to draw.
MalkavianFalconess's avatar
Hehe you're welcome!
sullyk's avatar
o my god, that rox the sox! in betwee ur fu dogs and the amazing dragons and fabulous creatures, i may never pick up a pen again. this is amazing!
its official, im covering my body in ur art lol.
transmutedrose's avatar
Looks like one of those murdocs from WoW
And I agree with every one that complimented on the horns,I might do a twisty theme on my dragon
I'm currently working on.

This is a wicked piece ;)
cholinka's avatar
Uh, it's totally different than most of dragon. Incredible!
pinoypencilpundit's avatar
entwined horns...nice!
SizzyBubbles's avatar
yes he looks very grand. nice job with that "mess" of horns and spikes.
ciors123's avatar
Great picture, I love the way you drew his horns. I may have to try that on some fof my dragons, if you don't mind? He looks much like a wise old sea dragon :)
beastofoblivion's avatar
Go for it, I don't mind. XD Glad you like him!
ciors123's avatar
Thanks! :D No problem!
katarthis's avatar
Oooo! Dragons are one of my favorite creatures and I love to see different varieties. (Yes I'm prejudiced and Western styles are my thing...) This is really neat to look at, filled, as most of your work is, with all kinds of little details that most people never seem to pay much attention to. Your concept work is some of the coolest I've ever seen.

Kamoria's avatar
I like him too :D
RachelsxArt's avatar
Waahhh so detailed x3
i love it...
Stardragonwings's avatar
May I also try coloring him too? I'm imagining either something deep-sea-fanglyfish esque.
beastofoblivion's avatar
Sure thing, go for it.
RedDrgn's avatar
That is just damn cool. Those twining horns are definitely unique. He looks rather stately.
turbopat's avatar
Neat. It's like a character you'd see in Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or something.
X-Reddagger-X's avatar
can I try coloring him? he looks fun for shading also...can I give it a shot? I understand if you do not want me to. any way I love all the detail placed into this fellow. he shows great character!
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