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Another demo piece. Stay tuned, will announce when the vids are up in a journal.
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this is brillant

artdog22's avatar

Awesome work.

Wow, that is just made of awesome!
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the ultimate chimera
Snarrly-ii's avatar
this is honestly the best chimera design

please keep it up
bunzaiko209's avatar
Nice piece!!!! :happybounce: 
Enayol's avatar
Beautiful chimera ♥.♥
boodlemoo's avatar
awesome great job
Jess--Art's avatar
Fuck yeah looks amazing I love the way it looks like he is old and has come out of a fight 
cmgrimlock's avatar
Awesome, but wheres the goat
SilverSugar's avatar
So badass. I really love going through your gallery.
Drakonna101's avatar
The horns are so cool and intricate- I love mythical creatures and chimeras, but I've never seen them drawn this way, and its a cool change!
incinerator91's avatar
WHOA! I've heard of Chimeras, naturally, but I'd never pictured anything quite THAT menacing before. WONDERFUL job!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Sweet!!  ;D

Chimaera is such a captivating creature.
VG5006's avatar
How menacing!
ElykRindon's avatar
Z3R0-77's avatar
A work very nicely done, really.
Added to favs.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Damn! That looks incredible! :D
L-James's avatar
An incredible beast! I really love its horns +o+
Digiwip's avatar
Beautiful colors and so dynamic!
Y-Esk's avatar
Love it!! 
cooley's avatar
Chimeras were always an interesting mythical beast to me...I like the way you worked the scales in with the fur on this guy :)
Alla-equi's avatar
love this art!
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