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Brown Dragon

A mottled dragon perches on a gnarled branch. Behind it, sulfuric pools simmer in a barren wasteland.
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This dragon art is SO FLIPIN GOOD :D!! its so realistic, and a very UNIQUE character XD

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Really nice job on the wing texture. Always a struggle to figure out what to do there.

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*F* that's good.

cherish the moments when we see an actually new and inventive dragon that looks cool and doesn't either regurgitate old cliches but also doesn't go out on a limb trying to invent some fancy, never before seen novelty to try and make him stick out from the crowd.

this is a clean, classic, beautiful dragon that still surprised me very much.

jood gob

beastofoblivion's avatar

Thanks so much for the kind comment! I'm very pleased all that came through, and glad you enjoy it.

TornTethers's avatar

Ooo, I really like the way you did the membrane texture in the wing!

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This is amazing!!!😍 I love how it's so realistic and the design is incredible
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I really like the way the skin of the wings is drawn, which is connected to the chest and covers the shoulders. Very realistic.

SueaNoi's avatar

hmm, loving that musculature

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WOW! This is really awesome!
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Almost looks like a dragon/dinosaur hybrid. Neat.

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Nice! Interesting anatomy design too!

FlamesOfDestruction4's avatar

Almost looks like a standard dragon.

Evodolka's avatar

awesome design and pose, super threatening :la:

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Love this. Ever think of making the jump to Tumblr like Beldolor did?

beastofoblivion's avatar

Thanks. I've been on tumblr for a while.

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Woot! I'm just starting there. I'm going to give you a follow. If you haven't yet, you should follow her as well.

beastofoblivion's avatar

Yeah! I've been following them too a while, they're great.

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Yay! Dragons reign. S.

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Love this so much! The dragon, the background! So cool~

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