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My Bio

If you can read this PLEASE DON'T THANK ME FOR ANY FAVES, I know that you are grateful

*Veera Amanda/Manta*


*20 years old

*Scorpio (Birthday: 10/26/00)


*Hobbyist artist/illustrator/crafter/collector/whatever dunno

*Been drawing for over 10 years seriously now

I've been drawing and posting anything i feel like actively to solely just entertain myself for at least 6-7 years. If that shit entertains you in the process this is the perfect place for that. I wanna keep my art and content free and available for anybody interested. I have Sonic dedicated active art blog on Tumblr:

(worth of checking out, it may sometimes have exclusive art I don't feel like posting here, please keep in mind that like this page, it has my sense of humor, content and language! It's not for everybody sadly.)

I love crazy, ridiculous and funky stuff, colors, designing characters and personality. I don't really have a specific art style for anything and I usually mix and match anything I can come up with. Even with fashion or clothing (All though traditional art can be kinda rare from me but still.)

I'm also a huge Sonic simp and dedicate my life to grow my collection and draw that shit almost daily. It has consumed my soul.

Useless info:

I also love games, what a big surprise and usually post fan art of that stuff too. Some of those franchises are atm:

Sonic (Obviously, duh. You don't probably give a shit but my favs are SA2, Mania and 06 just bc i'm a masochist)

Spyro The Dragon (1-2)

Crash Bandicoot (2-3)

Warioware (Gold)

Super Smash brothers (Melee and Ultimate)

I obsessively collect everything i can lay my greasy hands on like tea, candles, ugly and bright colored clothes, yarn, random games, incenses/anything that smells nice to me, neon/led lights and Halloween stuff.

My music taste is also kinda weird and it kinda reflects my art most of the time. I kinda can't stop talking about music either but if i have to say a few categories they would be 80's synth pop, game music (crush 40, Sonic games, Spyro Games and Warioware <3), Eurobeat and Finnish stuff from all the way from 70's to this current day.

Absolute fav artists:

-Leevi and the Leavings

-Crush 40


-Boards of Canada

-Birthday Massacre

-Turmion Kätilöt


Feel free to talk to me or ask about commissions or anything, I'm almost always online

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Tools of the Trade


Updated Commissions:

Updated Commissions:

Ok apparently during my hiatus (break from commissions) DA has changed the point amount thing to USD, great, I'll have to fidget around the prices to get them to Euros, since USD is a lot less than my currency. I'll try to get the prices matched soo
I'm barely at home nowadays, just running away from my depression to friend's houses that's all

Commission list

Here can be seen the line for commissions i'm working on (also some reminders and notes for myself, the dates in brackets show when the commission has been paid If you are interested in ordering one you can hit me up with notes, discord, commission widgets (can be found from my ''shop'' section) or comments on my profile or anything really I accept points and Paypal


ref (2 male alts) +feralx2 (female and male alt)+2 alt hairs

ref + feral version



Chibi 2 characters (12.1.2021)


Halfbody (flat) (13.1.2021)


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I think the commission i sent got expired because it hasn't been approved last month

Oh, i didn't know that will happen. That's ok tho just send it again

well i have another problem, it did take the points so i unfortunately have nothing

That's strange, i haven't accepted the commission and i don't have anything in my correspodence about it. Maybe you should be in contact with DA staff about this. I know eclipse blows but i never imagined it to be this bad

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oh jeez hi im sorry if this comes off as weird or anything but!! im not sure if you remember me aah i dont think we were really friends, maybe just mutuals but it's x-pastelsky-x // bubbie-doqq // peachyy-doqq! (ive had several accounts omg) and i just wanted to say i hope youre doing well, especially now with all thats going on in the world! ;__;

Yeah i remember you, i'm doing fine

that’s good to hear!