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It is exactly one hour into the new year for me.

Another year comes to an end and another one begins.

Another 365 days have passed, another 365 days shall go.

For better or for worse the world continues to move forward with us in it. We continue to move forward looking to the future and better and better things in life, whatever they may be/mean.

Take this moment to remember the moments worth remembering from the previous year and think on what you know you can start doing to make for even more and better enjoyable times and moments this year!

Also take a moment to think of the things you did last you that you feel you could have done better and work hard to do better at those things this year!

Remember to be grateful and thankful for all the good things that you have been given throughout the last year and always cherish those things and more importantly the people who gave you those things!

For those of you still going through hard times, always remember that there are always better times again, things tend to come and go, but good times always come! Enjoy every moment you get and remember that if you are feeling down, depressed, or in a hard place, there will always be someone to support and try to comfort you, even if you have a hard time being open and receptive, if people care for you enough, ultimately they won't care. 

Also always remember to have good thoughts and wishes for those you care for whether someone special and close to you, close family, or even just friends and good friends, just because you don't always communicate with people directly and on the regular doesn't mean you don't care, it is just harder to see.

And in general, just work and strive to make everything about this year better for yourself and those you care about around you then last year! Always remember to cherish every moment of joy, fun, laughter, and happiness that you get! Moments like these will always give you strength and are always a reminder that there is plenty of good and beautiful things to life worth continuing to live and breath for!


That aside though, I would like to take this time to also share some of my wishes and hopes for this year, I encourage those of you who read this to do the same in the comments! ^^

- My wishes for this year are that my current friends and family stay close to me and that I am able to continue to have all of my friendships and strengthen those bonds as well as forging new friendships and re-sparking old ones!

- Though easier said then done, I wish to be able to get rid of some of my levels of laziness and procrastinating in some extent or another and motivate myself to start doing more things in life, like drawing traditionally and digitally and posting art here on Deviant art and recording/live streaming videos for youtube and twitch more!

- I wish to be able to continue just trying to enjoy the pleasant things in life and just trying to have fun whenever possible whether I am just playing games, having fun drawing or making a video, spending time with friends and family, and so fourth. It is joy and happiness brought about through good interaction with other people that is admittedly some of the most fulfilling for me, even though I tend to feel that my personality and the way I am make it hard for me to interact with new people at first.

- I wish for Youtube to get its stuff in order and fix its biggest problems, especially with copyright claims and demonetization, Youtube is a truly beautiful source for video sharing that allows people all around the world to share their works and productions, just like Deviant Art is for artists and writers! I have come across a great many things that I would never have come across if it was not thanks to the existence of Youtube. If it was not for Youtube, I honestly might not have ever came into the Undertale community and I would have missed out on something that I consider to be genuinely beautiful as it was my discoveries on youtube that drew me into my love for Undertale. May Youtube sort out its problems and may the content creators and animators there who work hard to provide their fan bases joy and entertainment, continue to enjoy their work and continue to be able to make a living by sharing their creations to the world for better or worse!

- While im on the topic of animators, my wishes also go out to Camilla Cuevas who as an animator continues to stay determined and create awesome art and animation, Glitchtale truly is one of the most amazing AUs there are to Undertale and in my opinion, is one of the more beautiful things that allows me to continue to love Undertale as a whole! It stays true to Undertale with the characters we all know and love and just creates a truly well crafted and awesome story! May you always be able to stay determined and motivated, now matter how many people may try to rush your works or be asses in general! Whether you are working or Glitchtale, a speed paint, playing a game, or something else, your creations will always be awesome and I look forward to the future of Glitchtale and your animation works as a whole!
- In this next particular wish, I reserve this last one for two people who while I have admittedly only been following them for no more then 2 months so far here on Deviant art, I have come to really enjoy their art works and writings, and just seeing their bond and determination that keeps them strong and together no matter what is something I have found both very heartfelt and very heartwarming, and in some extent, also allowing me to find more determination of my own. I just really wanted to express this particular one and what better time then when I am putting out my new years wishes. 

This particular wish goes out to C-Neko Chan and Sora! May you two always stay strong and stay determined and may this year allow you to find greater happiness and better times together then the last! You two are truly awesome, and may your works of writing and art always continue to be that way as well! I may not have been following you two for that long yet but I believe your bond to be truly amazing, may this year also allow for the two of you to makes steps forward towards being able to be together in person and living a happy life! The world tends to be shit at times and loves to drag people down especially when their not at their strongest... but I believe that in the end, your determination and willpower will unite you two no matter what, so please just stay determined! <3 ^_^

- And finally to everyone else...
I wish all of you better times in 2018!
May you improve and become better in everything you do.
May you always find things to smile, laugh and be happy about.
May you you always have friends and family around you who you care about and vice versa, and may you be able to make new and awesome friends this year!
May you find and have new experiences in life that you come to enjoy, whether you try food for the first time, play a new game, do something you have simply never done before, and so on!
May you always cherish those closest to you and hold onto them dearly as family, loved ones, and closest friends!
and most importantly...

May every single one of you ALWAYS stay determined!

Happy new year everybody, have fun, stay safe, and always do your best to remain healthy!

*Reading this new year journal page to the end fills you with determination!

Stay determined...
I know its late in the day for me and Christmas is probably over for most of you but it is only 5:30 pm here in California so Christmas is still going for me!

Just wanted to wish anyone and everyone who sees this a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Even if Christmas is already over for you, may you continue to enjoy the next few days as they are the last few before this year is over!

If Christmas is still ongoing for you, then stay safe, have fun, and remember to give thanks, love and appreciation to those who have given you gifts for Christmas! Christmas is a holiday for giving, and whether you gave and got or only received, always remember to be thankful and appreciative!

Wherever you are, whoever you are, and so on. I hope you enjoy the remainder of today if its not already over for you yet, as well as the next few days into the new year, as 2017 finishes up.

I might post a picture of some of the gifts I got on here so look forward to that! I got a drawing tablet so I intend to start learning that and start trying to do digital art, hope to be able to start posting stuff like that soon enough. 

Other then that, merry Christmas, take care, and may your holiday wishes come true! ^_^ <3