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South African Rebel Groups(CG: JotR)



LOG 1962-
Sir Viceroy Connor Re Britannia, I'm writing this to report the current status of the various rebel groups stationed throughout Area 11. As you know, the introduction of the Knightmare Frame brought South Africa to it's knees within the month. While in a sense this is a blessing for our military resources, it is also curse as well. Prime Minister Botha might have surrendered, but his military was still far more intact than we would had liked, especially the army. As such, 7 years later we are now dealing with many rebel groups, each resisting to glorious Britannian rule. Here is a general list of all known rebels operating within Area 11.

THE UNITED MILITARY OF SOUTH AFRICA-The major group that we are forced to deal with daily due to their greater numbers and resources(we suspect is coming from American Rhodesia to the North) is the United Military. The UMSA continues it's harassment of Britannian bases and targets, often executing large scale terror attacks on innocent Britannian citizens. Due to their size, we note that they have been a key supplier of many terror cells and organizations. We still have no clue where they are hiding out, and due to diseases, many soldiers have died trying to find them. Many within their ranks are Great War veterans, and the most effective group are the Four Horsemen of South Africa. Made up of four Knightmare pilots, produced by the UMSA, and led by the infamous Sir Frederick Thomas, also known as Frederick the Great. 

THE AFRIKANER RESISTANCE MOVEMENT-The most radical group, a splinter of the UMSA as well as being a remnant of Apartheid, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement is an integralist racialist group made up white 11's. These include people of Boer, British, Hispanic and even Britannian race traitors. We believe they were founded sometime during the Great War to influence the government to side with their mother country, Britain who was also Integralist at the time. Due to their staunch radicalism, they refuse to associate with any Black 11's and have rejected alliances with Independent Cells on this reason. Regardless they still obtain money and weapons from the primary head group of the Rebel movements. 

THE SOCIALIST BRIGADE OF AZANIA- To put it simply the only difference between them and the ARM, is that the Azanians are overt Communists and Black Nationalists. Rather than fighting for territory, their pattern appears to be cause as much harm to Britannian colonists as possible. They also harbor a great hatred for ARM and the UMSA due to their Whiteness. So cooperation between the three remains scarce. On a lighter note this means they are far more isolated, both in scope and allies which makes them easier to search and destroy. 

THE INDEPENDENT TERROR CELLS- If I were to put forth an analogy, I would classify them as mosquitoes in human form. Easy to pick off, but troublesome to track and protect against. Due to immeasurable number of groups, it's hard to say what the best course of action for them. Our sources tell us that about 60% of all 11's are affiliated to some degree with Rebel groups and the majority tend to come from these Cells. There is no one unifying feature to these terrorists other than the fact that they hate Britannia and seek to cause harm to her progress. Many maintain different ideologies ranging from Democratic, Integralists, Communist, Theocratic to whatever Mosley's Britain is. Regardless it is recommended to treat regions that are known to host them with caution as it is unknown which 11 may eventually pull out that rifle and cause a firefight.

As such, if we are to maintain peace I believe that increasing the deployment of Knightmares is necessary for long term victory as the enemy lacks the necessary resources to produce them. Controlling the northern borders is also necessary to prevent weapon trafficking because despite our temporal alliance with the US against Russia, we have found signs and shipments of weapons manufactured with US labels on them. If things begin to grow worse and the 11's continue their resistance, a Population Reduction may be required to deal with the 11 population as whole. I have detailed what that might look like in my other report that I gave yesterday. Hopefully we will be rid of these Rebels within the year and like the rest of the number populations, the 11's will grow to learn obedience.
All Hail Britannia
-John Smith
These are the Rebel groups that exist prior to Caesar's(Jacob Fe Britannian) Revolution, more info will come on that later but this was inspired by Mobiyuz's Post-America flag wall. Hope you guys enjoy it. Also sorry about the United Military flag, the original South African Army flag I found was really small so when I changed the size of the in canon South Africa flag, it kind of messed it up. If anyone can link me to a larger South African military flag, from Apartheid era, that would be awesome but until then you're stuck with the shitty one.
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As a South African, this interests me. Is it possible for me to learn mpre about your Code Geass AU Idea?