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Originally I set out to create a Conservative world based out of the early 20th century, but it evolved into something different overtime. It also takes inspiration from Mobiyuz's Vindication as well as Ad Astra Per Aspera. This is also my first map post lost hard drive so yay. 

In 1860, an event that radically shook the Eastern World took place, two years into it the Taipang Rebellion grew to unprecdented size and the new faith had captured the hearts and minds of millions of Chinese people. The Heavenly Kingdom successfully conquered Shanghai, and after a failed attempt to repulse them, the Qing's army was completely routed and collapsed. Soon other European powers like Germany, Russia and Austria quickly recognized the new dynasty. By 1863, the Qing Empire had fallen and the Heavenly Kingdom achieved victory. Meanwhile across the waters, the US civil war raged on as well. The French and British, fearing the new Chinese state would put pressure on their existing colonies sought to aid the Confederates as a possible fall back plan. However this would also come to bite them in the ass because despite Lee's growing troops at Gettysburg, the North still did not yield and the combined forces of Britain, France and the CSA were narrowly defeated. However for the US a new front had opened up in Canada and the war would become even more bloody. The Russians later declared war and Britain, with the other powers in the Holy Alliance coming to support the Union(albeit not directly). By 1865, the Union had defeated the three combined powers of the CSA, Britain and France. Lincoln was even able to get re-elected, now with an even firmer hold on Capitol Hill. The war was over and the South was defeated, Britain even ceded British Columbia(now called Cascadia), Vancouver, Nova Scotia, and the Bahamas. The relations between Britain and the US further collapsed though, which led to the US having much closer relations to the powers in the Holy Alliance(later known as the League of the Three Emperors). On the domestic side of things however reconstruction proved to be an incredibly challenging prospect. Lincoln survived an assassination and was later given reports of violence between whites and blacks racking up. Disappointed with the conduct of the South, as well as a growing personal cynicism with the hope of racial reconciliation he proposed a radical new plan. This would cut up Southern land into different African American nations(referred to as Ethno-Republics), encourage African re-colonization into Liberia by promising money as well as farming land in Liberia(the Liberian government made an agreement with the US to allow this to happen). The "Lincoln Plan", as it was called, was a success, these new Ethno-Republics gave African Americans complete jurisdiction and independence from the white Southern majority, and those who left found better homes in Liberia. It's estimated between 50-60% of African Americans left for Liberia. Eventually money was also put into maintaining the new African nations in the South to keep them from collapsing. The Lincoln plan would also be used for Native Americans, Mormons and the Philippines. In Liberia, the African-American population would grow as well, becoming the majority within a few decades. 

Russians would continue to be a powerhouse, beating the Japanese in Manchuria. African Colonization would largely go very similarly to how it went in otl, however the US would join the Quintuple Powers(Germany, Italy, Austro-Hungary, Russia and the US). McKinnley doesn't die in this timeline so Teddy Roosevelt is elected during the 1908 election(the US has healthcare along with most of things from OTL Teddy Roosevelt Presidency) The Triple Entente is relatively the same as otl except the Ottomans join the Triple Entente and WW1 still happens but due to something between Turkey and Russia. The war is brutal as otl but goes much better for the QP. The US takes over European territories, including Canada, in the Americas. Germany is able to hold on to it's colonial territories and take the Congo. The Italians grab Algeria, and Liberia also expands a bit. Russia and the Ottomans however both collapse, Russia initially to a Republic then to a Communist state. Same with the Ottomans but the process doesn't fully go through till 1930s(Post war Turkey still includes Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Syria). Despite these hiccups the Quintuple Powers, known as the Central Powers during the War, emerge victorious. The Soviet Union is formed in the aftermath in Russia and Japan tries to fill the void Russia left in Asia. For France and Britain, they to also go through radical changes. The British descend into a Civil War with the Liberals being ousted from power and a new Conservative coalition is formed. For the Empire to survive, the new government created a more Federal system model off of the American constitution, the British Federation. Australia, New Zealand and Britains holdings in Africa still remain apart of the Empire meanwhile India is spun off as a protectorate(the equivalent of a Dominion in otl). This new government becomes much more War wary and is able to avoid the brunt of any economic sanctions. The French go a different route, due to Republicanism being seen as an abject failure the French government undergoes a temporary collapse, however with support of the Germans a new man places himself in charge. Louis Constantin, a French commander in a Napoleonic fashion takes control of the Republic and is elected "Emperor" of the French. The Germans support this new government, even holding back any form of reparations on them(seeing how they constantly defeat them, there is less of a desire to punish the French). Western Europe is largely more calm in the post war more than it's central Europe counterpart in otl. China participated loosely supporting the Central Powers and trying to reclaim land lost to Europeans.

WW2 still happens but with an alliance between the Communist powers of the USSR and Turks with the non-Communist Japanese. The war is far more brutal than the first world war but in the end, the Central Powers are again victorious over the (People's)Axis Powers. Russia is broken between the American, German and Chinese Empires. The US uses the atomic bomb on Japan and the country is occupied by American forces. As another bi-product, the war does to socialism and radical leftism what our WW2 did to Nationalism. There is no cold war between the victors(at least not initially), nor is there civil rights or anything similar during the 50s and on so society more or less becomes freeze dried and frozen in the aftermath. The closest to it is the anti-colonial rebellions however they are mostly put down during the 60s and 70s. As a result global society remains more Conservative, especially in the West. The US didn't decriminalize mixed race relationships till the early 2000s as an example(though most states decriminalized them by that point). Man still makes it to space like otl with the Germans putting a man in space first and the Americans putting a man on the moon. Counter culture never takes hold, although rock n roll still lives and evolves into metal and the like(just expect most metal bands to still dress more conservative and no long hair). The drug war also never happens, so all the negative effects from that never occur. The Mexican Revolution was also more bloody so Mexico balkanized in this timeline. Arabia federalizes in the post WW2, so no Islamism like in our timeline(though you'l find similar forms of radicalism in the Chinese sphere in Central Asia). India gained formal independence after WW2 like in otl. Although the 50s and 60s saw the world more or less united, the Chinese broke off during the anti-colonial violence and began to continue to support radical movements, especially during the 70s. As mentioned before they all failed but the divide stuck pretty much. Now the Western powers are beginning to support Islamic radicals in Central Asia, India and Afghanistan. Hopefully it doesn't bite them back

Fun fact: Justin Trudeau becomes President of Quebec in this timeline, but of the Conservative party(Cause why not)
Not entirely strong as a write up in my opinion so it might be subject to change later.
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I love the concepts here.:)