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Code Geass-Jacob of the Revolution(Redux)



With the new Lelouch of the Resurrection, I figured I return to this old map that I originally made a few years back. Essentially it's tl-191 meets Code Geass, with CSA mocumentary and Ad Astra Per Aspera thrown in for good measure. While I liked certain aspects of my original piece, I was dissatisfied with a few things. Mainly the color(cause I am incredibly picky) and the general lack of tl-191 elements. In fact really it being tl-191 wasn't really well emphasized in my opinion, so now I re-upped it with a new flare(also the lack of a Middle Eastern Federation annoyed me). 
Anyway to get the analogues out of the way, for Code Geass; Britannia=Confederacy, Chinese Federation=America/Coalition, Europia United=Soviet Union/Communists, Middle Eastern Federation=Indian Federation, Australia=Britain, Japan=South Africa.

The date was August 10, in the year 2010 of the Imperial Calendar. The Holy Britannian Empire had just declared war upon South Africa. The young nation had held fast to its neutrality during the tri-polar Cold War between the United States, Soviet Union, and Britannia. However rights to South Africa’s Sakuradite mines became a hotly disputed issue straining the already deep rooted diplomatic tensions between Britannia and South Africa. In the deciding battle for the nation, Britannian forces introduced into combat the Humanoid Autonomous Armored Knight, also known as the Knightmare Frame. The enemy's forces were greater than anticipated and the Knightmares obliterated the South African line of defense in the countryside with little effort. South Africa became a dominion of the Empire. The country was stripped of it’s freedom, it’s rights and it’s name; Area 11. The defeated and once proud nation of South Africa was rechristened with a mere number.

“I swear...I swear Edward so help me, I will one day, obliterate Britannia!”

One of the most unique things about mankind, is how ideas have the power to separate people, to cause them to despise one another, to cause great wars that kill millions of people in the process, but that is humanity and this world in no different. Here are three world(technically four), divided by ideas, power and resources. The Coalition of Freedom, led by the victorious Western Powers of the Great War; America, Germany, Italy and Spain. Together they work towards spreading Freedom in many forms, whether it be Constitutionalism, Democracy, or Freedom in general, it doesn't matter, to them Tyranny under one or many is unacceptable. In the other corner, the Soviet Union exists to spread the Communist Revolution across the earth, to liberate the workers of the world in the hopes that they'll be able to create their Socialist Utopia. And in the other areas of the world exists the Triple Alliance, a collection of the three most powerful monarchal empires; Britannia, the Islamic State and Japan. Leviathanism(as described by Thomas Hobbes), the rule of an Absolute Monarch and those who serve him directly, is the ideological framework that makes these countries operate. Other nations exist outside this tri-polar world but there continued sovereignty hangs by a thread with the other powerful nations eyeing their resources. 

It all began during the American Revolution, or Washington's Rebellion as it is called in Britannia. Due to economic polices enforced on the colonies by the crown, many Americans rose up in anger, violence, and eventually Revolution. To break from the yoke of Britain, the colonies of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. Together they united against the British enemy, however there were three that remained loyal to their crown, in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The French and Spanish eventually aided the Revolutionaries and America was a free and independent nation. From across North America, a new republic rose up while in the South, the British loyalists banded together. The British Empire of North America, was now merely a few small colonies. Meanwhile, years later a Revolution would cut France apart. Republicans would murder Monarchists, Christians and other anti-revolutionary group. During this period, the British fearing American growth, would purchase Louisiana from the Spanish. For many Americans this was a grave insult to their Manifest Destiny. The opportunity came, however when Napoleon became the Emperor of the French. His wars with Britain would break the island nation, after the French victory at Trafalgar an invasion seemed imminent, so the British Royal family fled to British America. Though the invasion was short lived and Napoleon was eventually defeated, by Russia and Prussia. His later failure at Waterloo at the hands of Britain, Prussia and other members of the Seventh Coalition cemented the French Empire's defeat. Meanwhile in North America, the War of 1812 between the US and Britain led to America absorbing north Louisiana and parts of New Orleans. The many failures of Parliament and George III, led his Son, George IV to change his plans for Britain. Rather than return to a nation that despises his progeny and would strip him of his power, he declared British America an independent nation, the Holy Britannian Empire. A breakoff of the Anglican Church, the Britannian Church, christened him with a new title and name(inspired by Napoleon ironically); Emperor George gi Britannia. A new calendar was even established called to "At throne Britannia" or a.t.b. Rather than in the Year of Our Lord, it started with the ascension of the Celtic King Alwin I during the Ancient Roman era. In Britain, William IV would take over in his brothers place. So the era of a United British Empire had come to an end and the era of the Three Britains; the United States, United Kingdom and Holy Britannian Empire would fight for dominion of the word in many capacities.

With the many loyalists in the United States, the Holy Britannian Empire's population experienced a massive population boom, one that could not be contained(although that is true in a sense for both nations). The Britannians first sought to push out the natives living in Britannian territory, from genocide to forced migrations. In Mexican Texas, Britannian colonists revolted against Mexican rule and established the Principate of Texas. Emperor Alfred el Britannia[1], offered a symbolic peace to the United States, "Join us in a war with Mexico and we can reap the reward". The United States excepted this offer and the War for Mexico would begin in 1846 ending in 1849(1901-1904 in the Britannian calendar) with the partitioning of Mexican territory between the two powers. However all was not well, the United States having abolished Slavery and despising Britannian absolutism grew in discontent with their former enemies/allies. But in the 1860s under Democratic[2] President Robert E. Lee would pursue Anti-Britannian policies leading him to oppose continued Britannian expansion. His support of American Filibusters and Central American guerrilla fighters led to the Great North American War(although sometimes referred to as the Third North American War by various historians calling the American Revolution and the War of 1812 the First and Second North American Wars respectively though this view is niche). The war was often more a stalemate with neither side gaining an advantage until France and Britain(who was becoming more Parliamentary ironically) joined the Britannians. 618, 000 people died as a result of the war, on both sides but ultimately Britannia was triumphant. At the deciding battle for Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee as President and Commander and Chief led his men to battle but was killed by a random bullet wound to the chest. French and British divisions pushed American forces back and the defeat was sound. His Vice President John Armor Brigham would sue for peace with a humiliating treaty being placed on America's feat. South Virginia, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas and Pawnee would be absorbed into the Empire. Meanwhile the treaty gave Britannia full rights on the future of Latin America. The US was aloud some trinkets but nothing more, for Emperor had plans for a Greater Britannia. The US now humiliated and denied the resources of Latin America looked beyond for new exploits to make up for what to do. They saw Africa and Asia, as possible exploits and became closer to Europe. Soon after a long period of rebuilding the Britannians, inspired by the Empires of Britain and France were anxious to embark on a journey to become the most powerful Empire in the world. 

Expansion would come to the Americas, with Britannia utilizing the Area system of colonial rule, subjects were given numbers instead of nationalities. Despite the hierarchy of numbers in math, all "Numbers" are equally unequal. Serfs to be treated as pets by the Britannians. Meanwhile, Darwinism was gaining traction and soon a new home grown ideology emerged, written by the younger brother of the Emperor, it became known as Leviathanism. An ideology fusing absolutism and social darwinism[3] became the new ruling manifesto, sometimes referred to as proto-Integralism[4]. One by one, the nations of Latin America fell by the wayside, and a new Honorary Britannian system was introduced. Numbers who forsook their racial/ethnic background in favor of serving Britannia. A popular alternative to citizenship, that granted them greater rights however it typically required doing some sort of Imperial service for the Empire(for men it was namely military) and it could not be passed down officially. Children who turned 16 would have to choose to engage in Imperial service to regain said Honorary status or ignore it and regain the number title of the colony they lived in. Up North, the United States began to focus on colonization, Abraham Lincoln was a notable pro-colonist who set forth Africa and Asian expeditions in Western Africa and Papua. The US, humiliated thanks to Britain and France, would choose instead to curry favor with the Germans, Italians and Russians. Russian had just recently defeated the Japanese[5] in their own war, with brought about a rebirth in Russian nationalism, the Germans and the Italians were busing expanding themselves in Africa with Italy defeating the ancient Kingdom of Ethiopia and Germany bringing the Congo to heel. Two alliances began to build up, the Holy Alliance(made up of Germany, America, Italy, Austria, China and Russia), meanwhile the the Entente would counterbalance them(Britain, France, Portugal, the Ottomans, and Japan). Austria would switch boats due to conflicts with Russian pan-Slavic nationalism. 

In 1917, the War of the Emperors would begin when the Russian ambassador to the Ottoman Empire would be killed by a radical Muslim disintegrating relations between the two sides. Pan-Slavic nationalists attacked Ottoman and Austrian officials in rage(since Austria made peace with the Ottomans shortly before). The armies of the many nations mobilized against each other and for three years brutal war would tear Europe apart. Russian losses to Japan, the British and the Ottomans would bring the Russian government to it's knees. The Tsar abdicated in fear for his life after Republican protestors broke out across the nation. The Russian Republic was established however continued it's war against the Entente powers. The Bolsheviks under Lenin would start a coup de ta with the military as their support, destroying hopes for Democracy in Russia and beginning a new Civil War. Officially Russia was formally out of the war. This wasn't too bad of a loss for the Allies as American and German naval forces crushed British and French forces abroad and Austria was destroyed due to ethnic strife and inefficient military technology. In Africa the situation was more mixed as Entente forces occupied much of Allied Africa with the exception of the German Congo and Liberia. In Asia, the Ottomans themselves suffered a Communist insurgency, however it was much smaller than the Bolsheviks, leading to a great counter revolution. Radical Muslims took over Istanbul in an effort to stop Communism from spreading. Then an Arab revolt broke out, forcing the Ottomans out of the war. China and Japan scrambled for Russian Asia but neither was able to claim victory over the other, becoming a de facto stalemate. Ultimately however in 1920 an insurrection in France broke the Entente defensive line and soon Allied troops were marching through Paris. Britain came out less scathed but it was official, the Entente powers lost. Although the various powers took pieces of the French and British Empires, no power was able to absorb without backlash or problems especially with the Russian Civil War that needed attention. So France and Britain were aloud to keep their Empires though the wealth brought to their nations would often have to be diverted to the victorious Allies. Japan and China entered a separate peace with Korea being split and Taiwan aloud to remain apart of the Japanese Empire. The Islamic State mostly focused on it's own internal affairs so was largely ignored, and was even seen as a potential ally against the Communists. However the Allies would fail in their effort to destroy the Soviet Union for the most part albeit, the Germans were able to create buffer states in Poland, and the Baltics. Where was Britannia? Britannia stayed neutral in the conflict, believing it'd be better to make money off the conflict rather than intervene. Combined with that the massive losses in conquering Latin America which had only ended in 1910, many Britannian officials expressed a desire to maintain what they had only recently taken(especially with what happened in Russia, Turkey, and France.) 

The Twenties were a notable boom for the United States and Britannia. Both of their respective industry's boomed and became financial hubs. This small cold war between the two would fester in a rival to dominate the post-war world. Japan and the Islamic state would join the Britannians and a strong trade and political relationship boomed. In Europe things were not as well(at least for some), the economic drought and political uncertainty in the French Republic[6] caused many political parties to gain rise. The Social Democrats ruled but underneath were the Communist Party which had failed in it's own revolution as supported by the Soviets, and the Cross of Fire, an Integralist party that believed in the revitalization of the French nation, rebirth of the French Empire and the elimination of the Jewish menace. Led by charismatic leader Francois de La Rocque, he would advocate for the party at massive rallies, and his followers were often called Croixists. The first Integralist state birthed itself in Britain under Winston Churchill, who along with Oswald Mosely led the British Union of Integralists although still calling itself the United Kingdom. Winston envisioned a British Empire in which the Sun would never set, to regain lost territory in Australia, although his branch of Integralism was only de facto White Nationalist without being explicitly so unlike Croixists who believed in the concept of the Roman race, and that they were the true inheritors of Caesar's will and their birthright was to unite the Roman peoples. This racial concept was heavily borrowed from Britannia and many Britannian's called Integralism, "castrated leviathanism" as Integralists believed in helping the poor and middle class above that of the upper classes, without the need for class warfare. Meanwhile Germany and Italy were often focused on maintaining control over their eastern European gains and continued occupation for years at the detriment of their own economies. However despite that, Democracy was expanded in Germany, leading to more elections for Chancellors. The German Labour Party and the Christian Centre Party(evolution from a Catholic to Ecumenical perspective) fought in the electoral ballots. The Soviet Union remained isolated however, after a failed invasion of Iran in 1925, the Soviet Union came under the rule of Josef Stalin, who brutalize the Soviet people via genocides, gulags and famines. The latter was a result of poorly managed industrial polices. South Africa was interesting because after the War of the Emperors, it broke off with the home country and pursue it's own independence. It experienced many waves of immigration, after the Boers and Africans, many British people colonized the region, Britannians who despised their homeland but the largest wave came when hispanic refugees came in mass fleeing the Britannian War machine, however only whites and castizos were aloud in. As a result, South Africa is more 50% White. Then in 1929(1984 a.t.b), everything changed.

The Great Market Crash crippled the global economy, throughout the world radicals began agitating for power. In Europe, the Cross of Fire won the French elections, Francois de La Rocque became the President of the newly founded Third French Empire. However he did not declare himself Emperor, rather he separated his regime from the previous Empires by giving himself the title simply the Commander(le Commandant). The Croixist, under Francois, revitalized the French economy bring France from out of the economic disaster while everyone else lagged behind. In Britain, Churchill's regime strengthened his Empire's ties with the Integralist France. Revanchist emotion had swept across former Entente nations. However in Britain a notable anti-war voice called forth in the form of Moseley, Churchill's associate. Moseley broke with Churchill over the nature of Integralism and founded his own bloc called "The New Totalist Alliance"[7]. He fled ironically to Germany and eventually became a voice against the government he founded. Integralist Germany, after a political back and forth, was under the firmer hand of Chancellor Heinrich Bruning of Christian Centre Party attempted to appease Francois, not wanting another while Italy agitated France continually. In Asia, military officers took over the Imperial Chinese government, while in Japan the Emperor took power under Leviathan ideology. China and Japan would go on to war against each other over Korea, beginning the Second Sino-Japanese War. In America, the Traditional Worker's Party and Democratic Party went head to head but because the Democrats ruled during the beginning of the Great Depression, Presidential hopeful of the Traditional Worker's Party Adam Spengler[8] became President of the United States. Inspired by Integralist policies in France, like Francois, he revitalized the economy attempting to reach compromises with Union leaders and Industrial Leaders. He eventually even gained the favor of industrialist Henry Ford. However because of the system, he could never commit fully before becoming a dictator but often stepped over the line multiple time. He might had been impeached had the people not rallied behind him. Though America still suffered from the Great Depression and many say that his reforms were window dressing, never able to fix the core problems of the nation, but people still loved him regardless. He continued to win elections throughout the 30s. Britannia actually managed to bank on autarchy which helped them survive above many other countries. The Soviet Union meanwhile pushed for global revolution by supporting Communist insurgents. However they only strengthened the hold the Integralist regimes held over the people. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Portugal Integralist regimes sprang up. In Paris, the Anti-Comintern pact was signed between the nations of France, Britain, and China as well as other powers. War was beginning to brew and many saw what might be the final evolution of the conflict between Germany and France.

France's ambitions sought bring a rebirth of the Roman, Napoleonic and Francian Empires of the past. First absorbing Belgium, the Netherlands(who's territories were given to China), and eventually Spain(who had gone through a left-wing revolution during the late 20s) through an attempted invasion, Germany because of alliance with Spain declared war on France. The Great War had begun, French mobilizations against Germany and Italy were brutal but bogged down in the Rhine like The War of the Emperors. In Italy the French had better results, reaching Rome by 1941. The primary theature of war however was in colonial Africa where both sides swapped territories constantly without conclusion, this became the bloodiest as a result. Meanwhile in Asia, once again the British invaded the Soviet Union seeing them as weak after years under Stalin, China would later join due to victories against Japan in Korea. The invasion would cut through Central Asia and the Urals In 1940, the various powers formed a new pact, called the Salvationist Powers. Although they didn't want a war with America, a Salvationist naval patrol attacked American ships. In reaction America declared war on the Salvationist Powers, Britannia would later join the US in a sign of unity with the two North American nations. America and Britannia's entrance into the war would be the necessary weight to break the back of the Croixist war machine. Britannia primarily focused in Asia and supported Japan while America went through Africa. After 1941, the Soviets began to push back against the Chinese and British. Britannian, American and German scientists sky rocketed technology, efficient automatic weapons, powerful tanks and even a new device called a Hubschrauber[9] which aloud for fast transportation of soldiers across the battlefields. Even a new device called "Computers" began to take shape and advanced trains and airships allowing for faster travel to the frontlines.. Much of this is apparently thanks to the use of Sakuradite[10]. By 1944, Britain and France were finally defeated and all that remained were their homelands. By 1945 Paris fell, to German, Italian and American occupiers. In Britain, a revolution coming from within Moseley's bloc overthrew the British government establishing the British Social Republic. They sued for peace with the Allies and became a neutral power. In China, Socialist Revolutionaries took the Imperial palace and executed the Emperor, establishing the Republic of China, and Indonesia followed suit. Through War the world was reborn but a new silent war would take place.

The Silent War, as it is called, is the period of time spanning after the Great War till the invasion of South Africa by Britannian forces. It is notable for the great technological leaps as well as economic boom for the United States and Britannia. However underneath it all lies a sinister underbelly. The worst happened when one of the Britannian's Emperor's consorts was murdered in broad daylight. This event spiraled a young man into a deep depression especially after he was used as a bargaining chip in South Africa. He went by the Jacob Fe Britannia, but changed his name to Jake Featherston. At the point in which this map sets up, it is the day before the Britannian invasion and from that point on everything will change.
[1]: The Son of George IV, in this timeline he didn't die without a male heir
[2]: Exists under different circumstances due to "Democrat" being a generic name related to politics
[3]: The Emperor's brother was a secret Atheist, who had hoped the Darwinistic aspect of his ideology would infuse into the population, of which he is generally correct. 
[4]: Integralism is different in this universe, being basically the same as fascism.
[5]: The Britannians forced the Japanese to open up and the Japanese took after Britannia more than America as a result.
[6]: The French Empire existed till the War of the Emperors, under Napoleon III.
[7]: Totalism is this world's Strasserism
[8]: Adolf Hitler's family emigrated to America while his mother was still pregnant, he gained American citizenship and fought in the European theature. He met Gordon McSweeny and became a born again Christian soon after, altering his politics to a greater extent. He was never an artist but focused more on literature especially of a political kind.
[9]: A Helicopter
[10]: I don't really have a reason why, I just did it because that's what was implied in the original show and it helps with unity

For visuals: The American soldiers and officers are akin to Wolfenstein NO, albeit with more American shields and instead of a metal faceplate have a Armageddon Legion style gasmask. Britannians look the same in universe but there uniforms are more British-American from otl, with more browns and ties. The elite soldiers that Lelouch/Jacob would use in universe would likely be more advanced looking Freedom Party Guardsman. The Soviets are the Soviets, nothing really changed.

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So as we know, the Chinese Federation dissolves and reforms into the United States of China. I think it would be funny if that if the US dissolves, it would now be known as the American Federation.