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Artist/19/self taught/♐ /F/Single
Sfw/Nsfw will be posted here.

all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.
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Momma Said It Was Okay
 So I've fought myself about posting this cause I forgot his feathers it bugs me. Anyways this is a gift for my friend redspaceboyy  this is one of many in a series of people who inspire me. First one up, Reid.
Song Inspiration: Momma Said by Lukas Graham, Hippies and Cowboys by Cody Jinks, Loud and Heavy by Cody Jinks, and finally, Over the Hills and Far away by Patty Gurdy.
Swirling spiral of anti-matter
Cascading down an endless ladder
In non-corporeal states
Spirits search for their soul mates
One taste and we miss our goal
And cling to a second-hand role
One state that we all share
Bittersweet and unaware
Feed on life, consumed to death
We devour the world with every breath
Forged by chance, nurtured in deceit
We glimpse the truth and quickly retreat
Our description becomes indescribable
Our delusions become undeniable
Poem :
No stock used.
SA | Inca | Talori | The Shoal

☘an irish lass☘
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B a s i c

    Name: Inca
    Nicknames: Inkkie
    Age: 19
    Gender: Cis Female
    Type: Common-horse

    Orientation: Stright
    Zodiac: Unknown

    Herd Affiliation: Talori
    Rank: The Shoal
    Talents: none

P h y s i c al

    Build: Lean with a mild bulid, full chest, sides, and rump
    Breed: Irish Sport Horse

    Coat color: Bay Leopard Appaloosa
    Eye color: Left : Green :: Right : Blue
    Teke color: Red
    Other: --


P e r s o n a l i t y

    Dull Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Observant - quick to notice things.
Inca became observant at a young age. With her two older brothers, she would often watch them and how they interacted and played. Since they were too rough she never included herself in their play, but she did learn that even tho her second older brother was thinner he could easily overthrow the eldest brother. Her quick to notice things became very handy and helpful with her home life. 

    Dull Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Equal - impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination
    Having her two older brothers meant she could not favor one over the other. She learned to help them see eye to eye. Since she chose to look at everything with fairness others would come to her and ask her for judgment. Since she listened to both sides she often saved friendships.

Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Clever - quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent
    As a clever young child, the mischief she caused would often time be placed on her brothers. Growing up with two brothers she was quick-witted with them often. Using her good knowledge of how they acted she would fire back insults at them as they did her calling her small fry and shrimp. She grew to become quick-witted cause she felt the need to do so, giving her-self a sharp mind and attitude. 
    Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Leaderly - the person who can lead a group
 Tho being the baby sister had its perks. Inca had both her siblings wrapped around her little hoof. She could and would often lead her brothers into mischief. Her bothers amused her request and often did it, but she would also lead her friends away from potential danger or harm.

    Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Erratic not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictable
Growing up with two brothers she never kept the same pattern. She would always change her mornings up, so that way her siblings could never prank her. With two teenage brothers, she didn't keep the same pattern. Her irregular patters grew from her also trying to avoid her highly religious mother. Her mother would have a prayer session every morning. Inca always took to long to get ready in the mornings to avoid hearing her mother preach.

    Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Paranoid - of, characterized by, or suffering from the mental condition of paranoia 
Inca became very paranoid thanks to her brothers' pranks and gags. When she woke to hear someone else being pranked she could not fall back asleep for about 2 hours. This often caused her to have insomnia and anxiety. There is more than meets the eye with her paranoia. Growing up on the tales of how the gods almost destroyed her home also made her wary towards any kind of higher power. 

    Theme song:
    Moral Alignment: Chaotic good
    Voice claim: Patty Grudy 

R e l a t i o n s h i p

    Mother: Unknown
    Father: Unknown
    Siblings: Unknown

    S/O: none
    Children: none

    Extended family: --

    Close friendships: --
    Mentor: none
    Apprentice(s): none

    Romantic preferences: 

R e l i g i o n

    Patron god(s): Cascade and Argus 
    Blessing(s): Noun

    Summary: Growing up without a father Inca's mother would often pray to her gods of choice, but Inca really struggled to believe for the longest time. Tho her mother often scolded her for not praying Inca eventually came around. Growing up Inca's mum would often pray as much as she could. Inca found it hard to believe in the gods due to her mother always praying and nothing would happen or be answered. Inca had often asked why her father was not around. Due to no one giving her a conclusive answer she lost her faith in stallions and the gods. Tho one day she chose to seek the wisdom of Argus. It was in her search for the god that opened her eyes to the truth of her father. He had abandoned his family to be with another. As she stood at the shrine for the god of wisdom she saw a stallion similar to her. It was not till she looked him in the eyes she knew who he was. 

  Seeing her father noun the less shocked the thriving mare. The stallion who had been absent in her birth and her family was at the shire. Blinking her eyes she shook her head before she opens them again. Had what she just saw been pure imagination. She looks around looking for traces of someone else being at the shrine but nothing, she spoke lowly, “Why did you show me this? What was the point!” clearly upset she looked for the meaning of this message. Her response was not answered as she searched with her blue and green eyes.

  Frustration was the lightly way to put it as she looked at the Argues shrine. She released a cool sigh flattening her ears against her head, “Guide me please lord. I want to understand why he was never here.” her voice echoed back against her own ears with a silent reply of nothing.

H i s t o r y

    The beginning: 
    Inca was born on a stormy night dark clouds covered the sky when she opened her eyes she was greeted with a soft warm smile and, licks from her mother who was quite tired after the hours of labor. After her mother saw the way her daughters' appaloosa looked, she named her Inca. As the time passed Inca was introduced to her older two brothers. Both of them adored little Inca both found her beautiful. The filly was happy to see her brothers but, she longed to see the man who helped make her. Her blue and green eyes searched the faces. Another face did not show. Blinking the filly cocks her head and turns to her mother blinking her big eyes at her mum. Her mother looked away tears filling the eyes of the mare.
   As Inca came to a realization, the stallion who helped make her was not there. The filly did not dwell on it long as she felt her mother shift and move as her dam stood up. Watching her graceful mother stand the filly tried to mimic her mum. The filly raised up using her hind legs to wobble up her rump. Carefully the filly now on her hind hooves and knees she carefully shifted her weight. When she finally got one of her front legs out in front of her, she pressed weight onto it and slowly stood up. As the foal got to her hooves, she wobbled and stumbled in a circle before she falls down again.

  As Inca finally started to learn her footing she started to become a rambunctious foal. She was finding every little mess to get into. Either the paint or the sand this filly made a mess. When there is a paint trail or wet sand follow it. They would most likely find the source. Inca over time learned how to talk her brothers out of not sell her out to their mother. If it was mom who found her Inca endured the stern talking to, even if she never really listened.

 Paint that was the one think the filly got into the most. She always adored watching the artist in her paint. She dreamed of becoming an artist as she would watch them paint the sea. If she could not be found at the artist's she would often take gather shells when the tide would low. She always liked watching her mother string them together. Making either necklace or crowns. 

  As the appaloosa filly learned from the artist and her mother she to started to learn the panting skills, as well as the stringing of shells from her mother. As time went on Inca grew older. Her brothers at her side as she grew into a learning teenager. That is when she started to learn her traits of being fair and observant.

     As the years passed Inca grew, as she learned, watched, and listened she developed her traits, becoming observant, learning fairness, becoming clever, and learning how to lead, but she started to become erratic and paranoid. Tho she was able to overlook her paranoia once her brother moved away to start their own families. Inca was thirteen when her brothers stopped their silly pranks and started their lives. Soon Inca became a babysitter for he brothers. Watching her niece grow up made the young mare smile. When word was told she was bound for a nephew, she grew anxious and fearful.

  As the day neared for the birth Inca had become scared. She started to fear that her brothers would no longer have any use for her. Her fear of the new foal made her family take notice as she would throw herself into her panting or shell stringing. Some of her pieces came out to be beautiful while some came out stress related.

  Her mother would approach her one night as it was time to rest as she spoke, “My dear daughter what has you so frightened?” her mother's voice was cool and relaxing as Inca looked up at her mum she sighs, “I fear that once the new baby is born my brother will have nothing to do with me.” she expressed her concerns to her mother.

  When laughter came from the elder mares chest Inca looked pained at her mother's laughter. Soon the elder mare spoke words of wisdom, “My dear yes your brother's are grown and have mates now but that does not mean they do not love you. You are their baby sister and they love you. No matter what comes your brothers will always love you.”

  As Inca looked into her mother's deep sapphire blue eyes the young mare calmed down and smiled at her, “Thank you.” Inca leaned up to nuzzle her mother as she laid back down to get a nights of rest.

  A little to soon Inca was turning nineteen. She was more than excited as she soon started to pray to the God of wisdom. After an encounter she had started to believe that the gods were real.

    Early Adulthood: 
     As she became less anxious Inca started to look forward toward the new nephew. Wanting to making a baby blanket for the new member she had set out to learn the skill of sewing. As Inca searched to find the silk weaver she paused at her spot. The spot where she used to watch the painters. Many of them now in their older ages still came to this spot. A smile came over her cheeks as she watched for a moment. Remembering her adolescent years.

 A little to soon she shook off the memory and headed for the row of shops. Greeting everyone nicely the mare searches for the silk and thread. Maybe she could question the seamstress for a few lessons. It wasn't to long before Inca found herself along the shore line that she used to hunt for her own shells. Closing her eyes as she leaned into the sea breeze, she released a soft and quiet sigh.

 Fixed on the sea breeze she was unaware of the foals who came barreling into her. With a gasp of surprise the mare stumbled as she looked to see what happened. Two foals who seemed to be in a heated argument both stood to knock heads together as the three insults at one another. Blinking she felt her chest tighten at the sound if the argument. She stood up and shook herself of sand as she softly interrupted the bickering foals, “What seems to be the problem?” she lowered her head to their level to listen to them.

 The story starts, the young colt believed that he was faster than the filly due to gender. The filly didn't like his assumption. As she listened to the two both sides clear she spoke, “Anyone can be fast. Gender does not play a role in ones body build. If you let silly words get to you then you can't really listen to criticism.” both young foals looked at Inca and nosed as they soon apologized to one another as went along to skip and play in the sand. Soon Inca found herself at the seamstress speaking the questions she had and learning about each thread and fabric.

 As they finished the lesson the sun was dipping behind the horizon. Inca said her goodbyes leaving with the material she needed for the baby blanket. She had landed so much today she was quite proud, but tomorrow is a new day to learn something more. Who known what will be brought on by tomorrow's adventure’s!

 To Be Continued...

F u n   F a c t s 

- She is anxious but very bubbly to hide it. 
- Often resolves conflicts between friends. 

Breeding Note:…

BDA: ballatordesignadmin.deviantart…

ID: 5847

Name: Tiana
Nickname: T
Gender: Mare
Breed: EquusBallator 
Type: Forest
Phenotype: Chestnut dotted sooty splash with hornstripe (carries flaxen)
Genotype: ee AA nf nSpl DsDs nHs


Likes: Her restaurant 

Dislike: Laziness 

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 3448
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ID 652
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Slots can be pricey unless your a friend. 
1000Points or 500 Points with breed pic or 5 hunts
Good to go|Bullet; Green| Waiting|Bullet; Black|Parent Bullet; White
1. Mine
2. Mine
3. EveningStarrStudios // eveningstarrstudios.deviantart… //Bullet; White//Foal
4. ComplacentFool//Mate//Bullet; White//Foal
5. UnknownRidersStable||… ||Bullet; Purple||Foal
6. Closed
7. Closed 

8. Closed 
9. Closed 
10. Closed 

Stat Tracker:
Gaits: 6
Dressage: 0
Jumping: 3
Intelligence: 5
Stamina: 6
Speed: 6
Strength: 6
Experience: 0
Attack Strength: 0
Total: 32
Running Free +18
YHH | Yikes (CLOSED) +4
 Tiana Old Old Ref +1
Tiana +3 
Dark forest +6

Reference Art done by the amazing soulswitch 
I cannot express how much i love this!


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