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Construction of the Underworld

By beason
Peering through snowflake ridges.
Named after song by The Synthetic Dream Foundation.

Inspired by Rise [link]
:worship: , which caused me much "wtf?? how did you do that?" for a long time. I believe this uses pretty much the same technique.

RIFS shape by Cabrelli et al. Intersection algorithm by John C. Hart. As the image is symmetric I only rendered half of it, at 4X res in 31 hours on a 2.6GHz quad core CPU with Pane, then mirrored with imagemagick and then gimp for levels and watermark. Lighting is ambient white light with lambertian reflection and unbiased path tracing.
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rise is simply a few sierpinski tetrahedra arranged in the shape of an icosahedron :)

~1.5 days on a quadcore (core i7 920?), sounds about right! gi + fractals is painful eh?
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Yeah, but I hadn't seen that kind of detail before with GI since usually all the geometry is baked into some kind of acceleration structure. Using an implicit acceleration structure was a new idea to me, although I had seen similar ideas, like for example, sphereflakes.

No i7 yet, I wish. My Q6600 is finally getting some use though, and this was definitely pushing it! It's painful if the render is still going 16+ hours, i.e. after I sleep and work, which these sometimes need to smooth out the noise.
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fortunately we're masochists :rofl: