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Just reposting this as a journal in case anyone missed it.
Commissions are open and probably the cheapest they'll ever be :)
Really need extra money rn. Comment or message me or whatever if interested. Thankyou :hug:

First of all, if any of you haven't checked out my channel yet then I'd appreciate if you did :)
We're almost at 100 subs and there'll be a giveaway when I reach that first milestone (I'll be giving away some cute pokemon plushies :D)

Anyway, I wanted at some point to make some videos that incorporate art from my viewers.
For example, I have a collab planned with a friend where we have each drawn a pokemon then swapped the linearts, then we'll be colouring each others but we'll be colouring them the way we like them (basically a fixing bad shinies thing.)

I thought it could be a fun thing to do again in the future and a good way to include my viewers.
So if you would like me to colour your artwork then feel free to send me lineart for any pokemon. :3 Preferably pokemon that you think have bad shinies, but any will do as I can just try to improve the good ones rather than "fix" them.
If you do think they have a bad shiny, tell me why. (:

If you do send lineart, make sure it is either done digitally, scanned or if you must photogragh it then you'll need to get a good clear shot. You can draw a pokemon specifically for this or you can send me something you've made in the past. As long as it is an official pokemon (no OCs, fakemon, etc) it can be stylised but must be the official design. (If you're unsure you can just show me and I'll let you know :))

I will of course credit you in the video for your lineart, just keep in mind that I wont be making a vid with them for a while (especially if it takes a while for people to submit their lineart. I'll need at least a few to make a vid out of them and don't know how many people will be interested.)

Also if you have any ideas for other videos I could make to include the viewers then let me know ^u^
So the next viewer voted video is coming soon and I've decided to try something a little different :3

I wanna do some fusions this time and what I want you guys to do is pick a pokemon and comment it below, then I'll make fusions by randomly picking Pokemon from your comments. ^^

I'll try to do as many fusions as possible in the video, but please only comment one Pokemon each. Also, try not to comment the same Pokemon as anyone else if you can. :)
((Edit: Thanks to everyone who has entered this giveaway! ^^
I'm not sure when I'll do another giveaway and whether I'll giveaway points, art or something else next time, but I'm sure I'll do more giveaways in the future :)

Anyway, our randomly chosen winner is :iconhannahng:. I'll contact you via notes. Please reply asap, then I will send the points. ^^))

I've recently reached 100 watchers so I decided to do a giveaway to celebrate ^^
Not usually a fan of point giveaways but I'm gonna try this out and maybe do it again for future milestones.

I'm giving away 2000:points: to a randomly chosen winner :)
I've already purchased the points so I'll be able to give them to the winner as soon as the giveaway ends (which will be in a month from now, on 21st June 2018)

All you have to do to enter is:

:heart: Watch me
:heart: Favourite this journal
:heart: Create a journal of your own to advertise this giveaway and link me to it in the comments

And that's it! :D
If you miss any of these then your entry won't count.
You will be given a number based on when you favourited this journal. I will use a random number generator to pick a winner when it's ended.
It's late but I'm editing a video and I just remembered that I was supposed to post this here -w-"
Basically starting selling my chibis from the recent video as designs on mugs, notebooks, phone cases, etc
Check it out if you're interested. More designs should be available on Saturday :3…

Also thanks for 100 watchers~ ^^
I'll do some sort of giveaway soon but for now I need sleep x')
Just testing something out to see if it'll work. If it ends up not working out, then it doesn't really affect much.
Basically, once every 4 videos, I make a video where I draw one of my own characters. I've done my persona and I've done Robin.

Next time I'll be drawing one of my Rayquazas, Peridot. In the video, I will talk about Perrie's design and personality, and my idea is to add a small segment where I answer people's questions about her. So, if you have a question, I may answer it in that video. Basically ask anything you want. (Except don't ask about her apperance as the drawing itself will automatically answer anything about that.) I'll give you some basic info about her here.

:bulletpurple: Perrie is a regular Rayquaza (not shiny) but with a more unique design and slighty different colours.
:bulletpurple: She is very small (around 16"/40cm.)
:bulletpurple: She can camoflauge/turn invisible like a chameleon.
:bulletpurple: She prefers humans rather than other Pokemon but is fairly shy and cautious around anyone new.
:bulletpurple: She is from an alternate dimension where there are no humans and is technically an alternate version on my persona character.
:bulletpurple: She likes to have a lot of attention from people that she likes, and enjoys being petted and played with.
:bulletpurple: She likes shaded but warm places and can be very finicky over random things. (Eg/ She doesn't like to eat food given to her unless it's on someone else's plate.)

I'll go into more detail in the video, but hopefully this says enough about her for you to ask some questions.
Like I said, if this doesn't work, it's not a big deal. I'm just experimenting and I can still make the video without this segment. Just thought this might be something fun to try.…

I've now posted 2 videos on my YouTube channel (although I had audio issues with the first one that made it really quiet :T)

Please check out the new video if you like art challenges ^^
I'll always post the thumbnails here on DA with links (although you'll get the notification a lot sooner if you subscribe! >w<)

Timed Pokemon Art Challenge! by BeasEasel

Also, I plan to do a giveaway here on DA when I get 100 watchers (maybe a point giveaway?)
And I'm planning a much bigger giveaway when I reach 100 subs on YouTube. :)

I'd really appreciate any support while I grow my channel. Please like and comment on my vids if you enjoy them or would like to make suggestions for challenges you'd like to see me do or specific Pokemon you'd like to see me draw, and share my vids with your friends if you think they'd be interested. ^^
I haven't been able to start videos as soon as I'd hoped because I got ill and there were a couple things I had to wait for :P

But I will still be starting very soon. ^^ There's a very slim chance that my first video will be ready by this Saturday, but if not it should at least be ready by the Saturday after.

Once I start, I should be posting weekly, so I want to make sure I'm ready to keep that up. ^^

Anyways, here's a poll I made on Twitter. I think I picked a bad time of day to post it so not many people saw it, but if you have Twitter I'd really appreciate if you went and voted. The one with the most votes is the one I'll draw in one of my videos :)…
Hey everyone ^^

First of all, sorry for my recent inactivity.
I've had a lot going on recently, including moving house, so I haven't really had much time to reply to messages and work on drawings.

However, I do almost have everything set for making videos now and I aim to post my first video on the new channel on Saturday 3rd March (although I can't guaruntee it.)
I still have to fix the new intro, organise the facecam background and then I'm pretty much ready~ ^^ I want to pre-record 3 videos before I start posting and I already have 1 pre-recorded that just needs editing. :)

I'll also post some more artwork soon. I have a few pieces that are nearly finished and I'll try to get them scanned soon. ^u^

I'm also planning to go to SITC this year but I haven't got the details figured out yet.
Okay, so my cake photo from yesterday is featured as an example under Food Art now on the submission page.

Here, I took a screenshot -->…

But how are the pictures for the example sections picked? Does anyone know whether they are specifically picked out or just randomly chosen from the artwork posted in that category? I'm really curious to know this. x'3
Just a quick journal to say thankyou for all the birthday wishes ^^
I had a great birthday and I appreciate all the love from you guys~ <3

Also wanna let you know that I'm making a lot of progress towards making YouTube videos! :dummy:
I'm not sure when I'll be able to start, but I'm aiming to start before the end of the year if I can.
I'll try to keep you all updated on how close I'm getting to being ready, although I'll probably post most updates exclusively to my Twitter, so I recommend following me there if you're interested in updates. :)

I have also almost reached the end of my stored artwork, so there will no longer be daily pictures.
I will post whenever I have a new picture finished. For now, expect posts to be quite random... But in future (once I've settled into a new routine) expect a new picture roughly once per week. ;)

I'll also be doing more giveaways soon, so I hope you'll look forward to those~ ^^
Just a few little updates. ^^

First of all, I've been ill for the past few days so I decided not to post any artwork...
But I'm all better now and uploads will be back to their usual schedule on Monday :)
That said, I only have 3 or 4 weeks worth of stored artwork left before I run out and uploads will be far less frequent anyway...
But the quality of my artwork should really start to improve now ^v^

I have been much slower on my replies this week and have spent more time on Twitter, but I'll try to catch up on messages soon.

I'm making good progress with setting up my YouTube channel and I'm hoping to post my first vid around my birthday (25th October) if my recording space is ready by then. (Still needs a lot of work so no promises ^^;)

Speaking of YouTube, I'm currently looking for someone to remix a couple of Pokemon game theme songs for my intro and outro.
The person I initially wanted to commission is busy and I don't think he's gonna be free anytime soon... :P
So if anyone has any experience with remixing music, let me know ^^ I am of course looking to commission (through PayPal or with points) and whoever makes the remixes will be credited in the description of all my vids ;)

Moving on, I plan to do a couple of giveaways soon. The two I already have planned are for when I reach 100 watchers and when I properly launch my YouTube channel with my first vid :D

On that note, I'd like to thank all of my watchers ^^
I was really surprised at how many people recognised me and my art style and happily welcomed me back to DeviantArt :aww:
I'm really glad to be back and appreciate all my lovely watchers~ :heart: Thankyou all so much~ :huggle:
Me and Fliren are looking for people who take requests to draw our Pokemon OC pairing, Caronte and Amy (CarAmy.) ^^

Here is a reference for Fliren's Dusknoir, Caronte:

  A22 by Fliren

And here is a reference for my shiny Sableye, Amy-Umber:

Amy by Fliren

Also, here are a couple of height references for them. They are about average size for their species.
  8S6siu1X by Fliren   mWfa2Qla by Fliren

Caronte was emotionless and didn't really care about anything or anyone before meeting Amy.
He fell for Amy and finally started to feel emotions.

Amy was a temptress who used her looks to get her way and never really cared about the guys she was using...
But after meeting Caronte, she realised that she felt something different with him and didn't want to use him.

The two of them enjoy spending a lot of time together and doing all sorts of crazy things.
They're very affectionate with each other and like to cuddle and sleep together.
Sometimes they get up to trouble since Amy is a jewel thief who used to be in team Rocket and still has a habit of stealing... :T

Also, anyone who draws them on the request will have their artwork featured with credits in a YouTube video in the future (unless you don't want me to feature it for any reason.) I'm currently setting up my channel and will be featuring any fan art made for me during my videos. :)
((Edit: The giveaway is now over. The winner was chosen randomly and it is :icondarkmegafan01:! This was chosen randomly with a random number generator. He was not actually the original winner. I got a different number at first but the person corresponding to that number had unwatched me... sooooooooooo.... Yeah. :T))

I'm gonna do a few giveaways.
This one will just be a small one. :)
A bigger one will come in a month or 2.

How to enter

:heart: Watch me.
:heart: Favourite this journal.
:heart: Make a journal linking to this one.


The number of winners will depend on the number of entries.
Each winner will get to choose any Pokemon and I will do a fairly detailed chibi sketch of it. :)
:heart: (1-50 entries) = 1 winner
:heart: (51-100 entries) = 2 winners
:heart: (100+ entries) = 5 winners

Blastoise by BeasEasel

End date
Ends 28th August 2017
Hi. :) I'm Bea.
I've been here on DeviantArt before, but had to leave due to circumstances at the time.
Some of you may remember me from my previous account (which is now deactivated) or I may be someone totally new to you.
Either way, I am back to DeviantArt and will be posting artwork regularly. ^^

A lot of the artwork you will see for the first few weeks is my older artwork, so you will see a drastic improvement in my artwork as I get all of my older work posted and slowly move on to the newer pieces. ;)
I mostly draw Pokemon, but you'll see the occassional non-Pokemon piece.
I will be posting at least one piece per day (except on Sundays) until all of my stored artwork is posted. Then I will just post whenever I draw something new. :)
Lineart for my later artworks will be available on my website, along with the descriptions for each piece.

I would really appreciate if anyone is willing to promote my artwork. In a few months (when I have bought equiptment) I will be launching a YouTube channel where I will be doing time lapses of my artwork being created, as well as art challenges and other fun videos~ =^v^=
I also have a Patreon (link is on my page) with various rewards, which you can donate to if you wish to contribute towards helping me afford equiptment and supplies for making artwork and videos. ^^

I look forward to seeing new and old friends here on DA. My previous account surpassed 300 watchers before I deactivated it... Let's see if I can reach that again with your help~ <3