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September 30, 2009
Talk about great timing! One minute later and apec 3 - nude protestors by ~bearscanbemean wouldn't exist. Congrats!
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Featured by Helewidis
bearscanbemean's avatar

apec 3 - nude protestors

This was taken at the Stop Bush Rally/Apec Protest/etc. on the 8th of September, 2007.

These two guys drew a flurry of media attention as soon as they stripped down. Unfortunately they were arrested soon thereafter. While I was scurrying for my camera the sock on the left fell off - if only my fingers were a tad quicker =P
The writing on the left protestor reads:
"Hey Scipione (police chief), where's my concealed weapon?"
They were really friendly and their minute of nude freedom set the tone for the rest of the event, which with the exception of a few scuffles, was quite liberating - for me anyway.


Minolta XD-5
MD Rokkor 45mm lens (f4 1/125)
Fujifilm Neopan 400CN
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© 2007 - 2021 bearscanbemean
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Other1here's avatar
I love this!! Haha everyone should be allowed to do this XD
gia123's avatar
i wouldn' t use that sock again. how dose he hide a bonner lol
Yogami's avatar
Oh my god haha that is way too funny! XD Those guys are awesome...and brave lol
Otismanx22's avatar
I swear, I love the girl behind the protester- she must have a great shot ;)
Every time I look at this I smile, you did a great job with lighting and capturing this; seems like you took advantage of a small window of chance, that's cool. :)
tropay's avatar
Very cool :) Very fun.
Lols. nice capture.
Helewidis's avatar
Hi! :wave:

Your DD has been featured in my last newsletter as a Gallery Moderator. They'll keep existing, only in a different format. Here is the link: [link]

I'll be present in #NewsStand in my free time, so I'm always available for any doubt, request, etc. and will still be connected with Photojournalism (and street)!

Have a nice day! :blowkiss:
rubberbend's avatar
That is beautiful! The lighting, the expressions, (the photographer at the back looking at a fine..subject) the depth of field.
Even if the protestors aren't naked, if they were wearing full-on clothes, it would still deserve a DD.
And it did! Congrats.
SuperBrownMan's avatar
I bet the cops would've love to compensate that "concealed weapon" XD
AkiraPilot's avatar
ha ha ha the lady behind them takes a look at them and takes a pic of their asses, literally. That is classic, Vlassic. lol o lulz
RadioActiveRedhead's avatar
Lol!! The dude on the left is like
"Omfg lol god I hope that person didn't see it. Did they see it? HAHA"

his expression is PRICELESS
Lucious-Lust's avatar
I like the chick in the background on the left who's totally taking a picture of his ass. Win.
kg8's avatar
Hysterical, great shot.
lilmidnight's avatar
I love how it looks like that one woman behind him is taking a photo of his butt...
MichaelMark's avatar
Noticed that girl with the camera taking a shot of his behind :P
Screamdreams101's avatar
chick with camera behind naked guy made me laugh so damned hard, I about pissed myself XD THANKS so much for the share
TOAFS's avatar
Great shot, I bet it was a good day, though it looks a bit chilly :D
One word; awesome.
InsideMyMind's avatar
haha i love the person on the left taking a picture of the guys butt :XD:
nice photo!
hidemycookies's avatar
wonderful shot- a true moment you captured. any idea what the other guy's chest said?



levdir's avatar
This is some wonderful photojournalism. Thanks for sharing the story to go with it.
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