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Gigantamax Fluttershy

Name: Fluttershy
Species: Mother Nature Ponymon
Type: Fairy/Flying 
Ability: Caretaker - Instantly heals an ally who is below 50% health.
Gmax Move: Gmax Nurture - The user attacks the target with a flurry 
of flowers and butterflies. This heals all status conditions of any ally. 

PonyDex Entry: 

Fluttershy in her Gigantamax form becomes a home for many lost and sick
animals in need to care. When fully cured, these animals are said to emerge stronger
and faster than most of their species. 

So you probably weren't expecting Fluttershy's unusual wing placement. Again I like
to subvert expectations and I like each character to have a theme. For example, 
Applejack is based on an apple tree which is why she has apples in her mane, Rainbow Dash
is a thunderstorm, Pinkie Pie is a cake, etc. With Fluttershy I was going for a mother nature/
Greek goddess kind of look. I was also inspired by the Greek god Hermes. 
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Stars above...she's a goddess of the forest and life. The Gigantamax Fluttershy has become a goddess who watchest over all living things ^^

Amazing work on Fluttershy, especially her glowing green eyes. Also, the butterflies which fly around her is simply amazing, the flowers in her mane makes her look like she's able to grow life with just a flick of her hair. The wings on her hooves, they're amazing, they almost look like the wings of a hippogriff's hooves.

I think this version of Fluttershy looks absolutely devine, her form looks impressive and she looks like Te Fiti from Moana and looks like she can control a lot more animals than usual ^^
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so you went with a look akin to Gaea? nice touch. I also feel like the ability would be a one off like it only does it once per battle per ally. like if 2 allies are <50% hp it heals them both, but only once? to keep it from being op

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For some reason I'm unable to enlarge this one like I can have the others 
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aww fun I love all the butterflies and flowers!
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I love her! 😍