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Thor: Ragnarok looks so good.    
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"We know each other. He's a friend from work." Best line ever said!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Awesome. Can't wait for this movie to come.
LasagnaTheTrashcan's avatar
This got featured on the Deviantart Twitter page!
JojoxRage's avatar
What program do you use to draw ?Solty Porl 
MoeAlmighty's avatar
Thor: Ragnarok... Office edition
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
Oh I can see that! The Office but with Avengers! :XD:
MoeAlmighty's avatar
It would be a lot better than that Hobbit/office skit SNL did... god that was horrible.
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
They did that? Oh god. :XD: I prefer the 70s SNL anyway.
MoeAlmighty's avatar
70s and 90s SNL are my personal faves.... those were the golden age of that show. And then there is MADtv... ugh.
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
Yeah, not a fan of MAD ^^;
ezseek's avatar
Amazing!!!! ÅWESOMENESS!!!™
SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar
Seeing this makes me hear Immigrant Song
OcioProduction's avatar
yay!! really!!!! 
RobotWarrior5's avatar
That looks really cool, great job!
Enthaga's avatar
This makes me so happy.
SerioKilla's avatar
Dig it, so awesome!
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Sounds like it ought to be good ... :)
RMascarade's avatar
OMG!!! I love it!!!
Dave-Wilkins's avatar
hahahaha amazing
hans-sniekers-art's avatar
I also find it to look so good!

I found this joke perhaps the best one in the trailer :D
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