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Mt. Rainier

An old painting with some touch ups.
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Love this to pieces. Also my home.

Thanks for sharing.

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Totally reminds me of the Islands... proud Vancouver Islander right here!!  This picture makes me feel exactly the same way that every ferry ride, and every drive along the coast makes me feel!  Love it!
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This is wonderful, love style.
TheThirdScorpion's avatar
If you don't mind me asking, what type of artstyle was used? As in, little to no lines and simplified to color shapes, was always hoping to make something like this someday, it's pretty awing
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Interesting composition. I love the use of simple shapes here and how they guide your eye around the piece: the ripples leading your gaze towards the trees on the hills; the trees in turn pointing your way to the mountain; the ship on the side set to balance everything out. Light is handled quite nicely here, as well. The mountain is the subject, but it doesn't detract from the foreground elements. Lovely work! :)
LaFemmeFarfelu's avatar
This is SO Eyvind Earle!
hokin's avatar
I live in Vancouver, BC. This reminds me of the ferry ride to Victoria, Vancouver Island. Beautiful piece!
mkmars's avatar
SEATTLE!!! :) I love the stye! Very well done!
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I used to live up there and I have been on one of though's fairy's I love how you did this 
hell I love all your art you have a magic touch 
Ardinaryas's avatar
Nice color mood! 
RayOcampo's avatar
Simply wonderful!
whitefoxdesigns's avatar
Great work! Love the style and lighting.
whitefoxdesigns's avatar
You are welcome! ^^
AsmoriDeLaph's avatar
Amazing! I like the colors
emmalazauski's avatar
This is gorgeous! Love the color and the style here.
dogaminup's avatar
This picture is taking my mind somewhere else...Montenegro?
bearmantooth's avatar
i wish i could visit. thanks!
I really love this art style; it's so simplistic and cute and makes me happy inside ^^
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