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PMA: Lydia Character Sheet by Bearful PMA: Lydia Character Sheet by Bearful
Edit: She was accepted into the group! Hooray!! Most of it was done earlier, but I wanted to update the art and expand the bio on top of busy work week 


Name: Lydia

Pokemon: Alolan Marowak (Shiny)

Birthday: October 2nd

Age: 36

Gender: Cis Female (She/Her)

Height: 6'0"

Sexuality: Asexual, Demiromantic

Affiliation: Pokemon-Amie Co

Pokemon Stats

Level: 40

Ability: Cursed Body

Shadow Bone
Flame Wheel


Occupation: Researcher, Field Biologist

Town of Residence: Lumiose City

Personality: Serious, Calm, Keen, Apathetic, Perceptive, Intrepid, Logical, Rational

Lydia comes across as very uninterested and even a bit cross, though beneath all of that is very dedicated and passionate woman. When she isn't being reclusive in her studies she likes to fully immerse herself among the scientific community in Luminose city, and socialize with others she believes are pokemon just like herself. She is fascinated by the technological advances happening that allow her to live a human life, and interested in analyzing the history and dichotomy between the PMA and Apellon corporations.


Lydia was born in the Sevii Islands archipelago, where she lived most of her life until she was discovered by her owner. During her youth she preferred adventuring the island alone, with only the company of her mother's skull, though she did often return to the Sevault Canyon where a large part of her upbringing took place. The group of Cubone living in the canyon became like siblings to her. Not all of them were kind to her about being the only one with different coloration, however some did find themselves admiring it.

When the human pokemon researcher Ezekiel arrived in Sevault Canyon, he was continuing his analysis on divergent evolution in island archipelagos. He was always interested in finding a connection between cubone and another species in living Kanto that share a striking similarity. When he noticed the uniquely green cubone among the group, he quickly caught it thinking of them merely as a subject for his research, but Lydia became much more than that.

Lydia over time became like a companion for him, though the only time they found themselves bonding was during trips to do field research. Ezekiel spent the rest of the time absorbed in his studies and documentation, which at first, she didn't mind. Once the two of them decided to settle in the island of Alola, there was a breathtaking amount of things to observe. She travelled more than ever with him. They found themselves recognizing many of the species in kanto flourishing and taking on new forms there- that were both beautiful, and at times dangerous.

During an evening where Ezekiel was observing wild exeggutor bedding down for the night, something disastrous happened. A sudden flash caused them to frenzy and attack. Lydia was forced to fight them off despite her grave disadvantage- and ended up crippling her leg permanently. While it was difficult to move, she fought further until the nighttime atmosphere prompted her into finally evolving. The flames lit on both sides of her bone club scared the remaining attackers away, which ended up saving them both.

The injury Lydia received during that fight resulted in her always having difficulty walking. No longer being able to keep up with Ezekiel during his time in the field devastated her. While isolated Lydia would find time to sneak away to try and traverse the islands all on her own again, like in her youth. She wanted to find new meaning for her life and leave behind the distance she began to experience between herself and Ezekiel.

While using her bone club to leisurely walk throughout the city, and chance encounter with a PMA-Co distributor offering her a Dittech opened up a whole new door for her. In human form she envisioned being able to abandon the dread from her inability to train and accompany her trainer. She became inspired and much more interested in setting out and her own, toward the city where the technology that changed her life originated. She realized now she could begin sharing thoughts from her own perspective, and contribute ideas with her own voice within the human field.


Ezekiel- Her original trainer who was a researcher studying divergent evolution in pokemon. She has not encountered him since receiving her Dittech. He likely is still in Alola continuing his observations there. She thinks about him a lot but never wants to see him again.


She cannot walk very will without a cane in either form, and has a bit of a limp.

She has heterochromia, which makes both of her eyes a different color. The left eye is blue and her right eye is dark gray.

Quick note, some information will be expanded on as she is rped in the group!!
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