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I'm a bastard child, the lover's child, a couch baby if you will. My brother and sister's father flipped out after a bad acid trip, so here I am, a by product of a wandering hippie musician. I wasn't raised by my couch daddy however, but to be fair he wasn't told I existed, the raising goes to my step father, my grandfathers, fictitious fathers, and god fathers, a thankless job, my daddies, kind of like Yandu. I was able to get in contact with my couch daddy when I was 14 and he taught me how to meditate, so thanks and stuff, Om Namay Shivaya.

Thank you couch daddy, I'm here now.

Thank you step father for raising two university graduates and supporting our family and staying married through thick and thin.

Thank you grandfathers, you taught me a great work ethic and helped raise me when my step father worked 70 - 90 hours per week.

Thank you great grandfather, you worked in the coal mines and got the black lung, even willing to take care of the tramps as they walked through town. Even after a crazy tramp asked my grandma, "You know what they do with red heads right? We cut out their eyes and eat them!" My great grand father still took care of the tramps, but they had to eat on the porch after that.

Thank you Yandu, you helped me realize what a daddy is, thanks for the oxygen tank, I wish we had two, I'm glad you got your lights.

Thank you Mr. Samuels, my godfather.

Lower My Expectations? He Needs To Rise To My Level -

My god father accused his audience of not thanking their step dads... well I plan on ending that trend.  Being a step father is like being class president, a thankless job.
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Beautifully open, yet coy in concealing context for certain details. Dig it! Thanks for sharing. :peace:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

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That was beautiful, Mal. :heart:

Thanks Clairy, I appreciate that.