Life before the Internet.

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I'm glad that I grew up before the internet and actually had to physically walk around and go to a friend's house or the library. See back in the day kids, things didn't run 24/7, and most businesses were closed on Sundays or closed early, you know to give people a break from the grind and stuff. When I was twelve and I wanted to learn how to play tennis, I had to walk a few miles through the Summer heat which was well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, check the book out, walk back, then read the thing. There weren't that many videos, and if there were you had to watch them on cassette tape, and if you didn't rewind the tape, you got fined. As for friends, we had to call them first, and if they didn't answer, we just walked over to see if they could hang out. Sometimes it was yes, others it was no, and occasionally they just told you to take a hike. Now everyone is constantly informed of my whereabouts, you virtual stalkers you, so why don't you just e-mail me your clone, I'll print you out real quick, and then let's hang out virtually for a few hours?

Instant gratification has made us less patient, less appreciative, confined to our choice based prisons.

A simple time where you had to smell your friend's stinky farts and eat Cheetos whilst you played Nintendo.
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