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You're probably not the father, but that's obvious since the black mirror network.
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makes sense, though I suspect this has been changing since archetypally masculine guys, unless they are rich/celebritites/elite, are very much frowned upon these days. Most of the young women I see are with guys who seem pretty quiet and obedient. Of course this is a San Francisco perspective, so I take it with a huge salt crystal. Many of the Boomer men have/had that alpha quality, but since they are now up there in years and FAR less potent, it often turns to bitterness/despair/Al Bundy syndrome but often without being at all many of them just seem like angry old(er) men.......but for the rich ones it's a whole different story............

Yeah men have been getting their balls ripped off since about 1993 from my perspective, when Bill Clinton got elected. When I was in kindergarten back in 89/90 when my friend's mom used to encourage us to round house kick at one another during our mock fights. Another game my friends and I made up was army, a game whose mechanics consisted of punching each other in the gut and not crying. An all time favorite was jump... you found the highest piece of playground equipment and jumped off of it. How did one learn how to fight back in the day? Why get kicked out by your friend's 6' tall older sister, which taught me how to block with me knees and legs. She used to call me stupid, but I found out that's how Muay Tai boxers block attacks, so screw her :). After about 1993, I got in trouble for slap boxing... the thing all boys should be doing to one another honestly.

Obedient men are on the rise because they need pussy, which is unfortunate because it's like eating sugar when you have cancer, it only spreads and gets worse. Boomer men in their 70's have been much stronger than young adults in their 20's and 30's, which is sad, but yes I notice the bitter old man disorder too, since money is the new muscle to flex.

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sometimes I wish my dad had been at home more and my mom less, only because it would have been more peaceful and quiet, and not because of interests, which I had more in common with my wife works in child care, and these kids are just too coddled and overprotected: even the slightest mishap requires a report/calling parents etc.......Jesus!!!!!

If I see an older child or younger teen walking alone ANYWHERE here in the city I am almost shocked since it is so unusual.....AND IN A CROWDED CITY WHERE IT IS ACTUALLY PRETTY SAFE as opposed to some hollow in West Virginia.............actually the media/hollywood would have us believe that everywhere out in the Great Wasteland out there between the coasts is full of bloodthirsty rightwinger hillbillies who want to make you squeal like a pig (and I like that film), which is sad because it is still a beautiful and diverse country and should be seen up close and personal as much as possible and not simply flown over and you-tubed................

other than earthquakes the most dangerous thing here is the way people drive--barely let you get across the street and then accelerate profusely only to have to slam on the breaks in another block or two: the Madness never ends.............

America has just about always been fucked up sexually--other than maybe in some Muslim countries people are looser just about everywhere else..........I think it is maybe because just plain simple sex without intermediaries DOES NOT SELL--no profit to be made since all that is required is two (or more) bodies..............n this regard I still contemplate the end of "eyes wide shut"--used to strongly dislike that ending but now I am not so sure.............are their eyes still wide shut or have they begun to open..........? That Kubrick was a scamp.............