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Male Gasmask Prop

A bonemergeable version of ~gonzalolog /~Kassgrein TF2 pony pyro mask.

works with both gmod and sfm.

Now for male pony models.

Valk pony ~valkyrie1312
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how to put that mask on model without problems ?
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I'm reminded of an moment from The Last Of Us.
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Where did that Doom helmet come from?! I want it...
TheRealmCrafter's avatar
Where i can get that doom helmet for ponies?
yoyoyoshio267's avatar
I didn't know there was a male version! o3o
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Do you have the source files for these?  I really need it.
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i know it sounds stupid and really pathetic but, where can i actualy download these models from your work? im really really confused and new here, please reply me Mr.DoomGuy.
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not saying you have to buuut could you please put these in the steam workshop...that's the only way i get my addons :/
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i love you so much for this! (no homo xD)
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Wow. Just what I needed! Thanks for this :D
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thank u greatly for this
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The Metro is strong with this one.
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perfect work joey^^
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So basically the mask I gave to Spike in this image below is meant for Girl ponies:XD:
XxZacharyWxX's avatar
Yes it is. I learned that after equipping the mask to one of the male ponies.
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