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Gasmask Prop

A bonemergeable version of ~gonzalolog/~Kassgrein TF2 pony pyro mask.

works with both gmod and sfm.

Only works for the female models.

Image done by ~NikouT
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I'm gonna use this along with mauds helmet and uniform to make some 40k KoK ponies 😂

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How can I attach this to my character as a bodygroup?
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Bonemerger. Search it on Workshop
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Try the download button, maybe?
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Warning: hazardous Radiation levels, detected.
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What gas are you testing?
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gas masks are so kawaii! ^u^
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I don't think you know what that word means.
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Trust me... I do... c:
I love gas masks... >u>
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I have a gas mask fetish. But they aren't kawaii. Kawaii means cute. A cat would be kawaii. Gas masks look fucking awesome, but they aren't really kawaii...
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I know Kawaii means cute... I dunno... I just find gas masks cute... xD and I can relate to you... I err... may share the fetish... I have 3 gas masks... .n.
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So lucky, I don't have any. :iconcryforeverplz:
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Fff I totally would. But I am underage so I am not allowed to buy things. >.< Otherwise I'd be up to my waist in gas masks and collars.
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They look like the empty
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Pinkie and Twilight: Mmm Mmmph
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"Are you my mummy?"
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Why does Pinkie looks so cute with gasmack?
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Can you put this one the workshop?
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